Blog Carnival: Five Years of Waiting for Guild Wars 2

We are getting closer to Guild Wars 2’s launch and the long time of waiting is almost over. Several bloggers shared their memories of waiting for the game with us, with very interesting results. Thank you to everybody who contributed!

This time, we even have one entry in another language. It certainly shows that we are a very international community! I sometimes forget about that fact with all of us here speaking and writing in English – yes, even though I am not a native speaker myself, I still forget that others aren’t either! Anyway, if you know Turkish, do not miss the last link in our list!

Feel free to check out the entries below and leave comments on the authors’ entries if you liked what they had to share with us.


Genesis, Exodus, and the fish one – by icbat

“Originally I played Guild Wars with my friend Cross. We’d grown up together, spending nearly every spare moment with one another. Our departure from the world of Tyria was a sign of things to come, but I still hope that Guild Wars 2 will find me far from alone. I grew up playing. Everything was a game to me, and I strive to keep that the case.

With games and Cross, I found a comrade. I had the N64, he had the PS2 and Dreamcast, between us we had the world. We played soccer 5+ days a week, year-round together. We played obscure games, we played mainsream games. It was with my friend that I found love in Harvest Moon, that we saved the world countless times, and destroyed it with reckless abandon…”

Five Long Years of Waiting for Guild Wars 2 – by Carvious

“Five years. That’s about as long as my relationship with my then-girlfriend-now-wife before I proposed to her. Is that long? Well that depends on the context doesn’t it? When it comes to waiting for a video game to release, it IS bloody long! And it is about time.

I found out about the Blog Carnival being held by GuildMag where you submit your blog entry to them about your memories from 5 years of waiting for Guild Wars 2. When I read the statement “Maybe Guild Wars 2 was the reason you even started blogging

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  • Utkuben1

    Last Turkish article was awesome.

    • Paeroka

       I’ve only managed to read it via Google Translate… which means that I only got a general grasp of it. A very general grasp. ;) It seemed like a good article, though!

  • Reaper of the Tower

    guild wars is MY LIFE at this point. i played gw1 so much, simply running around in those deserts in Elona or walking through the ghettos of Cantha HOPING no one else will fall from the sky was everything for me. Listening to certain bands 5 years ago while collecting mandibles brings back COUNTLESS memories and feelings when i listen to those bands now. It truly is a great thing to reminisce back to the world of guild wars :) much support from Trinidad and Tobago !!

    • Paeroka

       Oh yes, how I’ve come to hate those groups falling from the sky at the most inconvenient times. ^^

  • Erik Stone

    I was wandering the lands of Tyria many many years before GW2 was ever announced, I found a few loyal friends that have never left my side through all my ups and downs, my adventures and mis-adventures.  So naturally when the announcement came, I about flipped out of my skin with excitement. Then the years kept passing by, and I’m not ashamed to admit I got a little stir crazy, but just at the right moment Anet began cranking out blogs, interviews, articles, and eventually trailers about the upcoming GW2. Just in the nick of time I might add. That only served to renew my fervor for the game. Over the years I drifted in and out of Guild Wars 1 after I had accomplished pretty much all you could several times over, but I never turned my back on it and never will. That says something about the quality of game Arena Net produces. Through guild wars I have made friends, said goodbye to friends, made allies, and made enemies, and I hope to share this new experience with them all in the years to come (yes, even the enemies, gotta have someone to aim for in pvp right? Hehe). They ask us “what’s your story?” Well….let’s go find out shall we?

  • Redclaw

    Guild wars 2 tbh shocked me i never thought a game could be this good to make me a not so often gamer i only played 1 game before gw2 so this is gonna be one of my first ever “good” mmorpg my friend ingame told me about it and i snstantly loved it 

    • Paeroka

       I hope you’ll have fun then! :)

  • Jesse Thomas

    can’t wait for release :D 

  • Jesse Thomas

    can’t wait for release :D

    • Paeroka

       Only 7 more days now! ^^

  • Taaln Ghostkin

    I have played lotta games, my big start was 8 yrs in Daoc,played SWG till they ruined our guild,went to GW1cause it was just releasing.We did well with 8vs8 guild wars in the GH,but to me somehing was missing so I was a in an out player took up beta tessting, really looking to find a new home.One thing I liked bout Gw1 it was ol reliable if nothing going on and everything down cause of maint. there was always gw1 I keep it up to date and bought all the expansions.Never found a game in beta peek my interest at all,sept Swtor comming out got all excited being a major SW fan,but got into the weekend betas and by time they were done I was bored,not game for me.Well always planned on having Gw2 for same reason as Gw1, then I got invited 1st beta weekend,and was HOOKEd big time.Has WvW alot like Daoc RvR only on steriods hahaha.Also in all the games I played beta found most ppl ignor u unless ur iin their guild,so most all them was solo,and most gamesu need groups for alotta content (not all but alot).Here comes Gw2 and cured all that.So went back to Gw1 to get my HoM going meet up with some ppl, and now waiting for GW2but wait is sooo long, am so glad aint been waiting 5 yrs like most of u,I would have no hair, and hole in my wall from banging head, and -prob be in a ward some were tolking to myself, and drooling.11 more day feels like a yr hahaha.

    • Paeroka

       I liked SWTOR but not enough to actually buy the game.

      I’ve only played WAR but not DAoC. GW2’s WvW certainly reminds me of WAR and the dynamic events remind me of the public quests in WAR. In other words: The two things I loved in WAR, I find again in GW2.

      10 1/2 days now! ;)

  • Taaln Ghostkin

    Sorry typo’s am highly dislectic dont see numbers and letters right, hope u can read it alright.

  • Kenjib

    ehem… so everybody is talking about how good the game is… im new to GW and i came from a lot of MMOs starting from the ever famous Ragnarok. i played the stress test last sunday for 45min. i hope by the 25th, i can see why all gamers are waiting for this game… btw a lot of my friends are now here too and also noobs like me hahaha… goodluck to all…

    • Paeroka

       I’d imagine that the game may take a while to grow on people. At least, if you’re a fan of things like quests, the holy trinity, etc. And for some, this game just isn’t “the” game. ;) Still, I hope you’ll have fun because that’s what a game should be. :)

  • Foozlesprite

    I was late to the GW1 party and just played on and off with my husband after my sordid breakup with EQ2 so I could have something to do.  We never joined a guild, but we got to 30 HoM points without a problem (could surely get more if we tried, but I don’t know if I’ll ever touch it again at this point haha).  I was impressed by Anet, especially their handling of the cash shop, after EQ2’s RMT fiasco. 

    We started following the Anet/GW2 blog about 2.5 years ago, not long after the ele was revealed.  We’ve been there faithfully reading articles and awaiting reveals with bated breath ever since.  It was scary waiting for the beta; we kept thinking that there was no way this would live up to the hype.  During the first beta, there were several points where our jaws dropped–it was a beautiful world delivering on all the promises we’d gotten.  Since then we’ve helped with all the betas/stress tests and proselytized to friends.  These last two weeks are certainly feeling like a longer wait than the last two years!

    (I’ve actually read about 12 chapters of my school books for the next college semester ahead of time so that I can slack a bit when GW2 launches, lol.  Why couldn’t you have come out earlier and given me something to do after the summer semester!?)

    • Paeroka

      Well, it’s good to be prepared, isn’t it? :)

      And we’re now looking at only 7 more days. It’s coming closer. Slowly, but steadily. ^^

  • Fiddler

    I stoppedplaying Guild Wars 1 in 2008 and the plan was to play World of Warcraft until Guild Wars 2 was going to be released in 2009. I cancelled my WoW account last month, it’s been a long wait, but playing the BWE:s it looks like it was worth it. What excites me most about GW2 is being able to play a great MMO from the release and see how the community and the game develops.

    I hit 45/50 in the HoM today so now I’m ready for GW2 with my cool title and all. Love you Anet <3

    • Paeroka

      I always find it interesting to watch a game after its launch. It’s also great to just be among the huge crowd that’s exploring a new world together. :)

  • Shreddy Mcfretshredder

    I originally played WoW, But once I tried Guild Wars, I was hooked.

    Me and my roommate would play WoW for hours. It actually wasn’t that bad, we even did that whole thing where you get triple experience. Can’t remember for the life of me what it was called, but one day he said I should try Guild Wars out. At that time, I had never heard of Guild Wars, or the closest thing I had known about it was that it was a game. That’s it lol.

    After I researched it for about 5-10 minutes, I made a Trial account and my first character. Floyd Hunter. Funny thing, I came up with that name because my name in WoW was Floyd, and I played the Hunter class as my main. Yet my main in GW is Necromancer. I got hooked on that game right away. Oh it sucked how the trial lasted either a couple of days or a couple of hours; which ever happened first. I flew threw those hours in almost one day. Needless to say, I ended up buying the game of the year edition. I ended up getting everything except GW:EN, and once I got that, I got even more hooked into the game.

    I ended up uninstalling WoW because I was playing Guild Wars so much. I love the game. It’s a great game, and its sequel is just as great. After launch, That’s where you will find me most of the time. ^^

    • Paeroka

      Thanks for sharing your memories. :)

      My first character was a necromancer as well, but that didn’t work out… ;) I really couldn’t play her well and I don’t like having minions around, so I switched to the warrior.

  • Naveen

    Urgh, I LOVE this blog carnival! Thanks everyone for sharing :D

  • Nicholette Liguori

    I only wished I had played Guild Wars AFTER they released HoM, and by the time I realized it existed, it was too late …. oh cute little in game items! Most of you will never be mine, because I will be too busy playing GW2 to obtain yOU!

    • Paeroka

       After they released it? But the bonuses are retroactive – or did you play “the wrong way” that didn’t lead to points (like I did ^^)?

      There are guides around that can help you get some easy points in the HoM for the armor, at least. Just in case you’re interested. :)

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