• http://twitter.com/omedon666 Lord Omedon

    So, question.  Is there a precedent with a game as “everything is optional, including PvP” as GW2 becoming an Esport?  Because, based on the criteria you name above (I am not competitive in games at all, but this article was enlightening), this will be GW2’s greatest hurtle.

    If GW2 has… let’s throw a number out of the blue… 3 million people playing it, but only one million are interested in PvP, and only half of that are “Esport eager”, in a game purposely not funneling people anywhere they don’t want to go… does that sound like something that can harbour an Esport?
    I’d like GW2 to pull this off, because “Esport approval” from the applicable community means more money on development, for features EVERYONE can enjoy…

    But based on what you’ve written here, and the design of GW2, it seems that even with them stating this goal many times, the outcome is unlikely, because it’s such a cornucopia game, not a “buy this for PvP and only PvP” game.

    Or maybe I’m negatively biased, being a purely PvE guy.

    • http://twitter.com/CorruptDropbear Mitchel

      Looking at all of the games I listed which are all focused around multi-player, I can see your point. There hasn’t really been an MMO that could be considered having anything to do with eSports unless you count WoW raiding speedruns or the battle arena which never “took off” from my point of view. However, in most other MMO’s you have to play PvE in order to reach PvP. You have to level up your character to full stats, deck them out in all the good gear and get those good skills which are usually all in the enviroment. 

      A game like Guild Wars 2 allows anyone from the get-go to be on a level playing field from the second they step into PvP. No gear, no levels. I believe that it will get away with being able to offer both PvE and PvP because it’s separated, and if you wanted to you COULD buy the game for PvP and only PvP.  

      Thanks for the comment!

  • GettCouped

    Excellent article!  BTW got into the Shootmania beta.  The game feels great!

  • http://twitter.com/Arcticus Random

    I think that being an eSport doesn’t mean to have a server or something like this made specially for the tourney. Being an eSport, for me, is being a competitive game and not only that, is being spectator-friendly. 

  • Jt Gleason

    GuildWars 1 was an esport, supported by the developer. Obviously since Jeff Strain has left, they have dropped that.

    Playing the beta made me sad for what was one of the most intense, competitive, and fully though-out esport I had ever seen.

    It has no chance for being a respected esport because it is not a good pvp game. Honestly, as far as I can tell from playing the beta, it isn’t even a good game period.

    Sadly Jeff has left for console zombie land and the chance for a real character based, mmo style esport left with him.

  • http://bcarr.me/ bcarr

    MMOs can be esports, the developer just has to give a damn, first.

    Making GW2 an esport isn’t the end goal, since GW2 already has an esport built-in, PVP. PVP just needs… players. I wrote a bigger post (here: http://turrbull.com/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/245#Comment_245) about this idea that I hope interested readers will check out.

  • Token63

    I think you would not only need a spectator mode, but you’d need to be able to record and replay matches.

  • Floyd Hunter

    It would be awesome if it became an eSport

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  • Carsonjim

    The fact that Hi Rez  still try and push TA as a modern version of Tribes should tell you all you need to know. TA has about 20% of what made Tribes, Tribes. I personally look at Hi Rez as a grouping of high school trained devs with NO experience at all in T1 and T2. Shodd,y buggy, low grade developing! Pathetic!

  • Chainsaw Samurai

    Guild Wars 2 is not going to be close to being an official esport on release, and it will almost never be unless something gets changed.  Here’s why:

    On release, the game will still be far from balanced, no spectator mode, and I have not heard of implementation of a match replay function yet.  Anyways, there’s one key difference between the highly successful esports and GW2.  It needs to be spectator-friendly and interesting to watch.

    If you guys haven’t already, look up a Starcraft tournament RIGHT NOW, and you can probably see the difference.  There’s one thing lacking in GW2: the moments of intensity, the Starcraft plays that just turned the tables, the brilliant decisions that strike the audience with eagerness to see what happens next, the round winning and therefore game winning kill in Counter-Strike.

    In GW2, you have nothing close to that.  I believe it’s because the current game mode simply does not have that potential. In 3-flag point capture you have small, sustained, mini victories that are often unnoticeable.  You will rarely have games where a team won 500-499; and if you do, it will be too easy to attribute any situation like that to luck.  Unless the game mode was something else like no-respawning arenas with multiple rounds, where plays are actually meaningful and exciting and fun for the audience, there will be no hope for it being a major esport title.

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