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Welcome to the first ever GuildMag Community Roundup: a new weekly segment designed to bring all the community happenings over the last seven days into one convenient place. This week, it’s been all about the snazzy warrior-meets-magic guardian profession; so let’s take a look at what’s been said..

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Official Releases

[GW2] On Guard! Introducing the Guardian Profession
[BLOG] Link Roundup: The Guardian

Mainstream Fansites and Forums

Guild Wars 2 Guru:
Live developer chat
If you missed it, the Guild Wars 2 Guru live developer chat gave some players the opportunity to ask their burning questions to Jon Peters, Eric Flannum and Isaiah Cartwright of the ArenaNet team. Despite some technical hiccups at the beginning, leading to the chat starting a little later than planned, there were a wide variety of questions asked, with some pretty good responses to match. Particular highlights included the information that a combat log will be coming to Guild Wars 2, after some pretty heavy player speculation, and there won’t be ground targetting during underwater combat, which will be receiving a slightly different combat system to that which players will experience when above water. If you’d like to see the full chat transcript, click here.

Forum post: ‘Guardian’s Virtues: Risk vs Reward
Sticking with Guild Wars 2 Guru, and their forums have seen a surge of topics regarding the guardian. A particularly interesting one discusses how a guardian’s virtues will play out and the instances when it would be best to keep the virtues for themselves, rather than giving them up in exchange for passing their benefits onto nearby allies.

Forum post: ‘What Profesion/Race Combos?’
Taking a break from the guardian, this new forum post on Quaggan discusses the various profession/race combinations players are thinking about playing in Guild Wars 2. There’s some interesting combinations, as well as arguments to why they wish to play that certain combination, which is a great little read if you’re still unsure what you want to play as. I highly recommend getting involved in the discussion.


Episode 34
Another great episode from GuildCast. This week, Shawn and Rubi’s topic of discussion centers mainly around the guardian, although of course there’s always diversions. They also talk about the Massively Overpowered [MVOP] guild’s livestream events, as well as briefly discussing the topic of female character design and femininity in Guild Wars 2, using a rather cute asura as an example. This podcast is definitely worth listening to if you have some spare time.

Relics of Orr:
Episode 27
Tasha (from Split Infinity Radio) and Chaz join the podcast to discuss the release of the guardian and their evolution from the monk in Guild Wars. They also discuss the differences between warriors and guardians and why somebody would make a warrior over a guardian. Looking ahead to the next profession release, the krewe also speculate about the release of an ‘assassin’ class, and there’s  the usual fun and banter.

Alternative Blogs

“I Move Like a Dwarf!”:
MVOP Night: Echovald Guardians
Sticking with the MVOP theme, “I Move Like a Dwarf!” provides some great descriptions of what happened when the guild battled the Luxons and Afflicted alike in the Eternal Grove mission. A great little read to entice you into watching future livestreams.

The Norn and the Kodan: Arctic situation heating up?
Looking back to the release of information about the kodan, this blog post explores the the relationship between the norn and the kodan and how they treat the norn as ‘spiritual failures’. Comments on this blog post welcome.

In-Game Happenings

Featured Guild

Each week, we’ll be featuring a new guild looking to recruit new members, including messages from members and/or officers. This week, we’re featuring…

Little But Wise [PvX]:

Guild leader: Shai Laa
Type: PvE mainly
Faction: Kurzick

A message from Y B The Immobilizer (Officer for Faction Farming)

A little something about myself and why I joined PvX.
I’m 18 years old, from the Netherlands. My IRL name is Tristan de Jong, and my overall gamertag is Y B :). I’ve played Guild Wars for 66 months now, and I still can’t get enough of it.

I’ve always loved helping people out, and I think that’s why I’ve always had a leading role in the guilds I’ve been in.

I joined PvX because I was looking for a small guild, focussing on high-end PvE, titles and money-making. With PvX, I found that, and more. Our little community is one with experienced, laid-back players, always up for a talk and always friendly.
PvX features:
  • Speed clears (FoWSC, UWSC, DoA)
  • NM and HM missions
  • Vanquishes
  • Help with (difficult) quests
  • A laid-back environment with enough room for chit-chatting and discussions
  • Active and experienced members/officers

I’d like to point out though that ‘true newbs’ won’t get satisfied with us.

Long story short, PvX is a great guild for catching up, socializing and enjoying the game. :)


Well, that’s about all for this week’s community happenings. Each Sunday we’ll be introducing new areas to the roundup to make it bigger and better than the previous week, so watch this space. And remember, it’s all about the community; and that means YOU!

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