Dynamically Spoken: Episode 2 – BWE2: What’s Changed?

The second episode of Dynamically Spoken is here! I’m Rohan (AKA Valiant) and I’m joined once again by Steven (AKA GettCouped) who’s become our second permanent host, as well as Ally, our guest speaker.

We’re talking about the second Beta Weekend Event and in this episode some topics of discussion include:


  • Dynamic events – do they get better at higher levels?
  • Changes to the UI
  • Crafting


  • New underground jumping puzzle
  • When one world dominates, is it fun anymore?
  • Don’t just follow the mob – get disrupting!


  • Being in a party in PvP


  • Ally’s screenshot of a creepy old woman (click to enlarge):







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Theme tune created by Shew – thanks!

  • GettCouped


  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but that theme song will never cease to annoy me because it’s just so off-tempo.

    • http://twitter.com/ValiantGW Valiant

       I quite like our theme tune. I think it’s got a certain charm to it; it’s not quite perfect, but that sums up our podcast well.

    • Jody Branter

      I gotta agree. Great podcast but the music and tune is horrible.

      Other than that, great job! :)

      • http://twitter.com/shewstr Brandon Shewmake

        Well, I tried my best to incorporate all of the races’ themes while having a more modern rock element fit for a podcast, hence the electric guitar’s phrasing, so I’m sorry you guys feel this way about it. Nice podcast, by the way!

        • Ally

          I adore the music – It’s constantly stuck in my head (even now!)

  • Railgun

    The Guardian flames are still there.  I activated them while just autoattacking an enemy during the BWE.

    • Railgun

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=da-CSZ1xVtkThe flames are very clearly showing up in combat without any virtues being activated.  This video also isn’t me, I (stupidly) neglected to capture and footage this time around.

      • http://twitter.com/ValiantGW Valiant

        Oh, so they are. Perhaps I just didn’t ever notice it in combat then; the missing flames were one of the first things I saw when I first logged into the beta and I only made a quick note of it. I just assumed they’d gone permanently. Well, actually, that was until after recording Steven linked me to a video showing how the flames are applied to other player’s skillbars when they have boons on them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLWIFpTmRy4&feature=plcp

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Neo-Knight/1340756402 Neo Knight

    I guess if you really want to check out what happens when an event fails or if an area gets completely overtaken in certain areas, you would have to play at whatever would be off peak hours for your region.

  • OneFusion

    I just want to ditto Steven’s WvWvW comments about “tactical strike teams”.  In WvWvW when one world is dominating, if you are the resistance, then you make your own fun.  Whether that is striking randomly where least expected, or just finding ways to become a thorn in the opposition’s side.  But I completely agree, WvWvW is going to be incredible especially as it grows and as people take the time to really open their eyes to the big picture.  It really is war on this immensely insane scale.

  • OneFusion

    In PvP, while it’s not 100% perfect 100% of the time, there is a means to change teams via the ‘b’ key (shows PvP stats), if there are slots available on the opposing team.  My sister and I as we played in PvP used it a few times.  So it is possible, though not guaranteed.  Although, there were times where the competitive nature came out in us both and we just enjoyed the sheer waylaying on one another.

  • OneFusion

    Loved the Podcast.  You have a new repeat listener now.

    • http://twitter.com/ValiantGW Valiant

      It’s good to hear such positive feedback, especially since it’s still all pretty new to us. :)

  • Circe

    First time listener. Nice podcast guys. I shall be listening again in future. Especially like Valiant’s voice. ;)

    • http://twitter.com/ValiantGW Valiant

      Great to know. Perhaps you might consider emailing in one day. :) I’ve never really been a fan of my voice actually and I find it only just bareable to listen to it over and over when I’m editing the episode. ;P

      • Sean Ringrose

         I can say from experience everyone hates their voice (or well, most of the population does), especially upon hearing themselves after being recorded.  With that said, there is a distinct variety between you, Steven and Ally, and it really works quite well.  Keeps the ears intrigued consistently.

      • Circe

        Yeah I’m not a fan of my voice either, but mine sounds more campish, though not intentionally. Unless that is just my perception of it. xD I agree with Sean Ringrose, your 3 voices worked well together. :)

  • Sean Ringrose

     This is actually OneFusion, but I can’t remember my Disqus password — lol, and it’s only saved on my work laptop — double lol.

  • http://twitter.com/northernlad55 northernlad55

    Sorry but the Aussie girls voice when she go’s up in voice tone at the end of every sentence really grinds (I know she cant help it or the yanks) but as an English man talking that way really infuriates. Other than that very good podcast. :p

    • ako

      if you have a problem with the way a normal australian talks that’s purely your problem, not hers.

    • http://guildwars2gossip.blogspot.com.au/ Ally

      I’ve heard us Australians do that. Apparently, it makes us sound like we’re always asking questions, or in this case, it just annoys you :D 
      I would say I’ll try not to do it but honesty, I don’t even notice that I do it. 

    • Solaceproject

      Sorry, but her bubbly demeanor makes the show really really fun to listen to. I think you need to get some sun, I know its hard for you Brits but at least try. 

    • GettCouped

      I think Ally’s voice is cute! :p

  • http://twitter.com/northernlad55 northernlad55

    Another thing I noticed in the game concerning the mini map was i couldn’t find a way to draw on it… maybe I missed something?

    • http://guildwars2gossip.blogspot.com.au/ Ally

      I’m pretty sure you need to hold shift and then you can write and “bing” on it as much as you like :)

  • GettCouped

    Been in touch with Team Paradigm, what would you guys think about Dynamically spoken PVP edition?

  • GettCouped

    OH jeebs. Just listened to the episode again. How many times did I say like?! :(

    • http://twitter.com/ValiantGW Valiant

      I know exactly how you feel – you’ve no idea how many times I’ve had to cut out when I’ve said ‘alright’ or ‘ok’ when introducing a new bit :P

  • http://www.twitter.com/looocas LittleBoat

    Finally got around to listening and really enjoyed it! Well done you three! 

  • falknerblitz

    Great podcast guys. Just found it – will be following from now on, cheers.

  • Jacobresler

    For the issue of the other team being able to control everything, what if instead having buffs it’s made so each team can only take a certain amount of camps or nodes or whatever (i haven’t played the game yet), could there be a limit of just being able to capture all of them except 1 or 3 or 6?

    • GettCouped

      That is interesting.  However, do you think people would be OK with being limited on their ability to capture?  What happens if another server makes a comeback and the original dominating teams loses because they weren’t able to capture due to this limitation.

  • Jacabbb

    Hey I tried the no stress test and i was really laggy.. Do you have any suggestions for someone who has a dell vostro 1015?