Interview with Colin Johanson

Like last time, we’re releasing our interview which was featured in ‘Shadows of Tyria’ on our site as well. In ‘Waters of Tyria’ you could’ve read how unlucky we were at GamesCom, starting with problems at the front of the business area to an empty battery of our camera. Though within all these troubles Colin Johanson was kind enough to participate in another interview via email. In this interview we asked all the other questions that we had during GamesCom, including some of your own, which you could’ve send to us via email before GamesCom. Also included are some personal questions, about pizza’s and more. Have fun reading!

GuildMag: How does the side-kicking work when a lower level player is playing with a higher level player in a high level area? Can you give us specific examples?
Colin Johanson: We don’t have all the specifics for how exactly the UI will work and what not, but the basic simple answer is the high level player can give the low level player the option to side kick up to their level, if they accept they will jump up to the level of that character. We’ll talk more about side kicking and all the specific details more down the road.

GuildMag: How does the side-kicking work when a higher level player is playing with a lower level player in a lower level area? Can you give us specific examples?
Colin Johanson: Much the same, we’re still working out all the final details on this, but conceptually the idea is the low level player can offer the high level player to side kick down to their level, if they accept they jump down. Also, if the high level player starts killing low level stuff in the area and griefing other players, they’ll be auto side-kicked down to the level of the map to make them less able to grief others with the added bonus they can experience the content there and enjoy it.

GuildMag: It was mentioned that players will only be able to run (i.e., they won’t walk). But, knowing that in the trailers we’ve seen at least one member of each race walking (and thus the animations are already done), why not include walking into the game?
Colin Johanson: I actually can’t answer this one, you’d need to ask someone like Eric our lead designer or folks from the animation team. The content design team doesn’t really have anything to do with walk/run animations in the game.

GuildMag: The demo had vendors that sold ingredients. Does that mean there will be crafting in the form of cooking in the game? Perhaps you could tell us some more about crafting?
Colin Johanson: The crafting ingredients we threw in for the demo were just sort of a teaser to let people know, “hey someday there will be crafting done here!