Guild Wars 2 Dungeons – Rewards & Lore

While exploring Lion’s Arch, we stumbled across eight merchants, these merchants will grant you a reward for completing a dungeon by exchanging the tokens associated to that certain dungeon. As well as giving you armors and weapons, they tell a little bit more about each of the eight dungeons included at the initial launch of Guild Wars 2, these tidbits are included as images below the videos of the armor and weapon rewards. Check out the two videos as well as the lore images!

Dungeon Armor Rewards

Dungeon Weapon Rewards

And to round things off, we’ve uploaded a video giving you a quick look at some of the armor rewards that are being worn by the merchants:

Ascalonian Catacombs

 Caudecus’s Estate

Twilight Arbor

Sorrow’s Embrace

Citadel of Flame

Honor of Waves

Crucible of Eternity


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  • E Yaekle

    The only real complaint I have (besides no easily identifiable EXIT PVP button) is something I can hardly explain.  I’ll try… 

    Something seems wrong with the toon’s interaction with the ground.  Maybe it is shadows (or lack of, but I had it maxed on graphics) or just that your feet don’t quite land on terra firma.  Not being able to go back (beta’s over) I can’t explain it better, but did anyone else feel that their toon just didn’t interact with the floors correctly?

    • Litmas

      Part of it likely had to do with the fact that the game was not optimized for max graphics settings and that it was CPU locked which means it only made use of a single core. Your graphics card likely didn’t do much work for the game over the beta weekend. It’ll probably be fixed once the game is optimized and allows for multi-core use.

    • Lavec

      Hey I thought the same thing. It’s like the characters were cutouts in front of the landscape, like a bad film collage where you can tell it’s not the same footage and the actors have been juxtaposed into the scene. No doubt adding shadows and/or footprints will help.

      • Johnspeed1

        Yes I agree the Char were too Flat not 3D ish like GW 1 Likes the GW 1 toons way better a lot in  the game has gone back not forward. Sad ;-(

  • Cyrus

    By the way you spelled tidbit wrong. Might wanna fix that.

    • Nbirchall
      • Nevercheckingbacksodontbother

        Looks like fancypants and nibirchall need some lessons.. the”free” dictionary dosen’t say americans spell it wrong.. its says americans spell it differently.  Also the same website you cite for as an example also provides an example for the american spelling.. so how is citing one link any proof of it being correct when you could have easily linked the same websites other example.  
        thats not owning anything fancypants.. thats just picking one of the two examples the same stupid website had to offer.. ? 

      • Lavec

        Actually according to the etymology of the word I’d say the Americans spell it correctly and it has morphed over time in Britain.

        ORIGIN mid 17th cent. (as tyd bit, tid-bit): from dialect tid ‘tender’ (of unknown origin) + bit1.

        And I’m of British origin so no bias here.

    • Sunspear

      There’s nothing wrong with bits of tit.

    • FancyPants

       Gotta love when people talk like they know something to be fact, without really knowing.

      Nbirchall owned you Cyrus.

  • Tidy

    What do you use to record your vids btw?

    • DutchSunshine

      MSI Afterburner, great tool :).

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  • DutchSunshine

    Let’s keep it about the content guys, rather than the grammar. (Fixed it though.)

  • Sane Windsted

    I wasn’t the only one noticing Veros, right? Veros was featured in a story during Charr Week! So awesome that they included him. I loved his story, or rather, his parents’. 

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  • StraightTruth

    @E_Yaekle:disqus  blame your CPU.  My graphics were maxed as well and I saw no distortion.  There is no 3D video game where terrain contact is perfectly meshed.  Texture overlay will always blend with feet of animals where varying degrees of incline are.  As for shadows, I wonder how old your CPU is.  Maybe your computer is missing some modern instruction sets or processing capability.  Check out my short video.  Considering this video is compressed for internet viewing, the graphics still look great.

    • Me

      I noticed problems with some of the graphics also, they were distorted. I use top of the line graphics card and equipment. I agree with Yaekle – when you see things like this submit a bug report and they will fix the graphics displays to compensate.

    • E Yaekle

      It is an AMD Phenom II X6 1035T 2.6ghz processor & 8gb ram, fairly new.  Like I said, it really isn’t an issue and I figured it was just because it was an unfinished product and would/will be fixed on release.  My graphic set up in two AMD Radeon HD67xx series cards connected in the crossfire configuration.  While not all of the components were top of the line and maxed for gaming parts, they are fair and I don’t have many problems at all.

  • Drakkar123

    Very odd. I ran the beta maxed out on a NVidia GeForce 570 GTX and had no issues. In fact the game was absolutely beautiful. Some of the best graphics I have seen in an MMO to date, and I have played a lot of MMO’s. Perhaps some people had problems with their driver version? Or maybe it was an ATI issue? Not sure what the issue was for some people, but there is likely a cause that can be corrected.