• Cyclops07

    I’m really looking forward to this game, and I would seriously consider getting the CE, but its not worth it imo. Not only are the items you get extra with it not in game stuff, but where is the map? I’m a sucker for a really cool map. Is there a metal reliefed case for the game? That would be cool too..but no. How about an authenticater? No again. As for the soundtrack, thats great but I’m sure you can find that on the ‘net soon after release. In the end, the statue I agree is awesome, but there is just not enough to justify buying the CE, especially for the Europeans. 

    • San_angel

      Look at the picture looks like its in a metallic looking box with a map on it

  • http://twitter.com/Suomidude Immorttalis

    I would just want an artbook, complete soundtrack (not “best of”) and a big box to have them all in (with the game itself, of course).

    Really, I’ve seen similar CEs for far less (The Witcher 2 CE, 110€ (80€ for the lucky ol’ me), collectable coins, soundtrack, artbook, a bust, papercraft things and the game, all in a huge box). If the price will stay this ridicilous, it’s just pure crazy to buy it.

    • Cyclops07

      yea, and the Golem banker will probably end up in the cash shop anyway

  • San_angel

    The article is a bit misleading. For one the golem banker isn’t your only access to the bank. You always have access, if you go to the npc. The golem banker is mobile allowing bank access no matter where you are. Pure convenience item. Simply saves time running to town. In no way is a pay to win.other games have used similar items for a while for example runes of magic has the same type of item in its cashshop

    And if I had to guess I would say the elite skill will likely be a reskinned version of a skill you can get ingame. Much like the old emote aura, purely cosmetic. I could be wrong but that’s what I would expect.

    • http://twitter.com/tomquo Tomas K. / Faceless

      The point you made regarding the golem banker is identical to that in the article: “[...] the five-day bank – is the only one that opposes the pay-to-win model”. I am sorry if that was unclear.

      As for the skill, that’s sheer speculation. No one knows what the skill is or does at this point. Although I personally trust ArenaNet, it’s not wrong to be cautious, given how rampantly such incentives go awry in the industry.

      • San_angel

        It was more a bit earlier in the article where you said a five day banker utterly defeats the purpose of a bank. Makes it sound like the golem is you only way to use the bank

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  • Miha Kurnik

    Hmm to if you balance the price with what you get – The best choice is Digital Deluxe in my opinion. But if you think about it…

    – Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill   *   Summon Wolf/Whatever Elite (maybe $$$ for skill, just not Mistfire Wolf? Maybe it will forever be for people that bought Digital Deluxe!?? Plausible but highly unlikely if you ask me…)

    – Miniature Rytlock   *   Miniature Whatever that will accompany you around. At https://buy.guildwars2.com/ it says that it is “rare” this maybe means it will be Digital Deluxe premium? Or just a bit pricey on the market for the people to obtain.
    – Golem Banker – Expendable   *   For $$$ you can have him for *** days
    – Chalice of Glory – Expendable   *   Buy for $$$ and you can help boost your Guild status
    – Tome of Influence – Expendable   *   Buy for $$$ and earn glory a lot faster!

    So is extra 20€ really justified for Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill and Miniature Rytlock? That you will eventually obtain similar items towards your level cap…

    I will think about this a bit more… I’m currently thinking about Digital Deluxe… But what if items that you get for infinite uses will cost less than 20€? I really don’t care about expendable items in deluxe, they just give you the taste what you can have. For real cash. But I’m just speculating!

    What do you think?