Guild Wars 2 Worlds in Beta – Communities & Guilds

Do you want to know in which server what guild or community will participate? Check the list below and see who will go where. We here at GuildMag can be found in Sorrow’s Furnace for the US and Kadash for the EU.

If you’re not on the list below but want to let others know on which server you will be during the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Events, let us know in the comments and we’ll add you to the list!

US Worlds

  • Anvil Rock – 4chan /vg/, Facepunch
  • Borlis Pass – OMFGcata
  • Yak’s Bend – Yogcast, GW2 Guru, GameTrailers, Kinda Ferocious, ZAM
  • Henge of Denravi – NeoGAF, Guild Wars Reporter
  • Maguuma –, Aureus Knights, Knights of Eminence, Better Late Than Never, Sages’ Lost Intrigues
  • Sorrow’s Furnace – (DAoC Vets), VexX Gaming (PvP), Hearts of Chaos (PvX),GuildMag, Kabal,, Arena Junkies, Perfect in Theory (PvP), Descendants of Honor (PvX), Guild Wars Insider, SPQT (PvX)
  • Kaineng- (Asian Guilds) Thai Alliance
  • Jade Quarry – PVP, Decisive Action (PvP), Lion’s Arch Radio/Blue Isle
  • Fort Aspenwood – RMA Clan (PVP), Penny Arcade
  • Ehmry Bay
  • Ferguson’s Crossing
  • Darkhaven – Reddit, Reddit WvW, Oceanic alt, Almost Famous (PvP), Gamebreaker
  • Vasburg – joO Binder (PvP)
  • Eredon Terrace -(Québec/French Canadian)
  • Crystal Desert – (SouthEast Asia)
  • Tarnished Coast – Unofficial Roleplaying server, The Gentlemen’s Club,
  • Steamspur Mountains -Dragon Chasers
  • Blazeridge Mountains – The Gaming Ent,
  • Isle of Janthir – Boons & Conditions
  • Sea of Sorrows – SomethingAwful, (Oceanic), (Downunder/AUS/NZ), (South East Asia) The Australian Cybergamer, Harlequin, Aurora Australis, Yakisoba, Aggroculture
  • Deldrimor – (Latin American)La Hermandad, (Spanish)
  • Scavenger’s Causeway
  • Moladune
  • Eternal Grove – Sea of Stars & Star Onions, Tribe Gaming

EU Worlds

  • Kodonur
  • Gandara – (English) GW2guru, Futilez (PvP), (UK Guild x1)
  • Kodash –; Nerdy Bookahs; DragonSeason;
  • Blacktide – (Russian) (Polish) (Dutch), Midnight Mayhem (PvX),,,, Ancientz of Bronze Dragonflight,,,
  • Istan –, Ragnarok, (Finnish) Frozen Dawn, (French) Luna Atra, (FR), (FR) Univers Virtuels
  • Vabbi – 4chan/vg/,
  • Kourna – (French)
  • Fissure of Woe – (Italian Guilds), (Romanian Guilds), SomethingAwful, (Italian), TKOT
  • Underworld – (Portugese), Maltese Community, 4chan alt
  • Ring of Fire – (French),The Bulgarians (PvP), Facepunch
  • Far Shiverpeaks – (Dutch),, (Nordic/Norway/Sweden),,, Ragnarok Of Primordus,,, The Northern Assembly
  • Petrified Forest – Unofficial Roleplaying server
  • Jade Sea – NeoGAF
  • Desolation – (UK Guilds) Rockpapershotgun, PCGamer
  • Magus Falls – (German Guilds)
  • Whiteside Ridge – Reddit, GameTrailers, (Israel) Israeli Community
  • Fort Ranik –  (French)JeuxOnline, (French Guilds) JoL, CanardPC, hardwareFR, (Dutch),
  • Ruins of Surmia – (Spanish)
  • Sharp’s Corner – (Spanish alt)
  • Aurora Glade – (Spanish alt)
  • Riverside – Guild Wars 2 Slovenia, Slovak and Czech community
  • Elona Reach – (German),,
  • Augury Rock – (German Alt)
  • Abaddon’s Mouth – (German Alt)

Thanks to Reddit for compiling this handy list!

  • Paeroka

     “bookanerks” – that’s cute. :)

    I can’t wait to play and maybe meet you. Not like the RL meeting but close! ;)

  • Lensor

    GWOnline Alliance of Friends will be at Vabbi (EU) and Steamspur Mountains (NA) this beta weekend. :)

  • Verene

    Both Under the Pale Tree and Deviant/TalkTyria are going to be on Eternal Grove. 

  • Ee
  • Trommell

    Warriors of Asgard and will be on Eternal Grove

  • Sardu

    Wow, I didn’t realize Sorrow’s Furnace would end up being so popular!

    That said, NecroBator and GW2Hub will be playing on Sorrow’s Furnace this weekend as well.

  • Jason Quinn

    Yak’s bend is going to be huge if the yogscast is playing

  • Jay Nestle

    Armored FIST will be on the Maguuma server for some WvW domination!

  • Marco Valle

    Merciless plans to be on Sorrows Furnace. Unless population pushes elsewhere.

  • Raphia Naon

    SPQT held a vote on their Facebook page to decide which server to join. Eventually we decided on Sorrow’s Furnace (I had to lobby for votes so I could hang with both my guildies and my GuildMag team).

  • Zoraya Gonzalez

    [WF] WarFreak (PvP) will be in Kaineng Server

  • Vukca95

    Wouldn’t yogscast play in EU? =/

  • Nikku

    Agenda (LGBTQ guild) are on Aurora Glade in the beta.

    Eternal Grove is the unofficial LGBTQ server for NA.