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Issue #7 May ~ Party Times

Last time we brought you a new website and logo. This time, we’ve got a redesigned magazine in HTML format! That’s right, from now on we’ll be publishing our issues in HTML to make it more accessible and faster for everyone to enjoy! What’s the occasion? Well, it’s our birthday!

Into the Mists

In this issue, we treat you to a special surprise, as you can have a chance to win an awesome mercenary hero code for use in Guild Wars! We’ve also got an interview with Eric Flannum talking about music, dungeons and more in Guild Wars 2 and also ask him some more personal questions!

Of course our own writers came up with new content as well! Like what about an article about cake? We even included a recipe for you to make a Guild Wars cupcake yourself! Then there’s also fanfiction by some of our writers who wanted to show another side of themselves. This includes a story about the beginning of GuildMag itself! We chat with Hunter from Hunter’s Insight and Actionjack, known for his comic series about Guild Wars 2! We also received a submission about the myriad options for character customization in Guild Wars 2 and as always we also have the God of the Issue: Melandru!

In this issue... (click for topic list)

  • The GuildMag Story
    A fictional look at the beginning of GuildMag
  • Let them eat Cake!
    Everything about confectionery, both in- and out-game.
  • Rise of a Lich, Fall of Gods, Prologue & Chp 1
    A fanfiction by Konig Des Todes.
  • Mercenary Heroes Contest
    Enter to win a Mercenary Hero code.
  • Melandru, Tender of the Forests and Fields
    A continuation of Draxynnic’s series on the human gods.
  • Dutch’s Talk with… Hunter
    We sit down blogging enthusiast Hunter.
  • Interview with Eric Flannum
    Music, monster diversity, cinematics, dungeons and career.
  • An Unheard Tale
    A fanfiction by Thalador Doomspeaker.
  • Featured Artist: Action Jack
    Arghore interviews Action Jack, who is known for his “Can I Play GW2″ comic series.
  • An Altaholic’s Problem With Too Many Options
    We’re fairly sure some people will recognize themselves in this story.
  • End of the Line
    The last tidbits.


If you want to submit your own piece of work for our next issue, you can do so by checking out:
  • Talon

    happy birthday GuildMag :D

    thanks for all the hard work you put into releasing your mag. reading it always reminds me that i’m not alone in the (seemingly) eternal wait.

    let us hope that we can all celebrate your next birthday in GW2 :)

    • Dutch Sunshine

      You’re definitely not alone, we’re all here waiting patiently (or not ;)) for GW2 to release as well :)

      I’m glad that you like our magazines and yeah, our next birthday should be in GW2. :)

  • Loremaster Trommell

    Love the interviews, the Melandru article, and the story by Thalador. Excellent contest too!

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  • Katie Cochrane

    nice that you gone html and all that but what if i want to read offline?
    you should have 2 links 1 online and another for those that wish to read offline

    • Dutch Sunshine

      Yeah, we know about that request, and we’re looking into it. We might have another option for the next issue, but I can’t promise that. Hopefully I can tell you more in a month :)