This week in Guild Wars 2

Well, all we have left now is fond memories of another brief visit to Tyria on Monday (for those of us who participated in the stress test). Plus a really bad case of nervous anticipation while we wait for the next Beta Weekend Event, whenever that will be. I’m hoping it will be next weekend, but ArenaNet community managers have emphasized in recent Twitter messages that the monthly schedule is only a rough estimate, so it’s an unwelcome possibility that we might have to wait until June for the next event.

I was only able to play during the stress test for the first few hours, but I didn’t encounter any particular issues other than things we knew had not been addressed yet (for example, chat is still seriously broken, respawn rates are stupid fast in some locations, and parties were still having trouble staying together when zoning). I was fortunate enough not to have problems logging in — although a lot fewer people mentioned having login issues than at the start of the April BWE. I didn’t notice any obvious lag, aside from one incident loading in to Divinity’s Reach, and then using the gate to get to Lion’s Arch. That was a couple of minutes of slo-mo frustration.

Because I only got to play for a few hours, I didn’t create a new character, sticking with my human ranger and getting him up to (I think) level 27. My partner from the BWE was still there to revive me several times (thanks, Natural Sword), as even at level 25+, I can usually find silly ways to die. We finished off in the Charr starter area, and we both commented to one another that it showed how well the sidekicking system was working that we still got downed even at our 20+ levels.

I still haven’t tried PvP or WvW, as I wanted to be a bit more comfortable with my newly found skills, weapons, and the wonderful ability to dodge (yes, I’ve found myself double-tapping movement keys in Cantha over the last couple of days and feeling foolish when it doesn’t get me out of trouble). Once again, I found myself too easily distracted from my original intentions — oh, look: a new dynamic event just over that hill! Let’s go take part! I intended to do more exploring in the Norn and Charr areas, but … oh, shiny! Another dynamic event! Rinse and repeat until I had to log out for the evening. Lots of fun, of course, but rather less progress toward my original goal than I’d hoped. Not that this is really a problem

Official Guild Wars 2 news

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