This week in Guild Wars 2

This week’s collection of links is rather text-heavy, as we seem to be running low on video footage from Beta Weekend Event #1 and the stress test. The great news of the week was the announcement that BWE2 will be held next weekend. I will try to get next week’s column out a few hours early, because once the beta event starts, I doubt anyone will be reading or watching if they can be in Tyria instead.

Our joke-writing contest has been a huge success. So huge, in fact, that it briefly took our site down. Our good friends at ArenaNet took note of our plight. Dutch is considering making our next contest the best mock poster of that image…

Official Guild Wars 2 news

  • MMO Reviews — Exclusive interview with Eric Flannum the Lead Game Designer of Guild Wars 2. “Eric Flannum is the Lead Game Designer at ArenaNet, the developer of Guild Wars multiplayer online games and the upcoming Guild Wars 2. Flannum leads the development team that is responsible for designing Guild Wars 2, driving the direction and production of the various systems within the game. He has worked as a designer on Guild Wars Prophecies, Sorrow’s Furnace, Guild Wars Factions, Guild Wars Nightfall, and Guild Wars: Eye of the North. A game industry veteran with more than 15 years of experience, Flannum worked as an artist and game designer for Blizzard Entertainment, Shiny Entertainment, and inXile Entertainment prior to joining ArenaNet.”
  • ArenaNet blog — Announcing the Next Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend. “Heroes of Tyria! My name is Chris Whiteside, and I’m the lead producer of Guild Wars 2. Normally, I’m head-down in the trenches, making sure we’re producing the best MMO possible, but I wanted to come up for air and share some exciting news with you: Beta Weekend Event 2 will begin on Friday, June 8th, at noon PDT (GMT-7) and will run until Sunday, June 10th, at 11:59 p.m. PDT (GMT-7).”
  • ArenaNet blog — The Dev with the Dragon Tattoo. “It’s no secret that those of us working at ArenaNet are some of Guild Wars 2’s biggest fans. Each of us is thrilled to be a part of this game, and just like so many of our community members, we find all sorts of ways to express it. Content programmer Eric Rane stepped up to do just that in a big way with an extra-large Guild Wars 2 dragon logo on his torso.”

Recent GuildMag posts

  • Age of Deceit – The Convocation. “Over the next two days the other three clans arrived one by one. The clans of the Luxon Armada always stood within reasonable distance of each other, in case something befell a member of this great family. The Turtle Clan made the trek along the eastern shore and came in from the south on their giant turtles, while the Crab and Serpent clans arrived from the west by ships. All the attendants were in Maishang Hills by dusk, although a few more guests still showed up every hour. The celebrating Luxons cordially greeted their friends and acquaintances who they haven’t seen for years. People were drinking, eating, debating, laughing, and waiting for their captains to announce the start of the duels.”
  • GuildMag is looking for Streamers! “Because we always want to offer the community the best service possible, we’re looking for streamers that want to join our team. Your first task will obviously be to cover the upcoming Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event, starting June 8th. We’re currently working on a specific stream page on which we’ll aggregate all of the streams that we can find (and are compatible). We are currently looking to host our own stream during the upcoming Beta Weekend Event as well!”
  • Guild Wars 2 Beta Key Contest. “ArenaNet has been kind to us for the upcoming Beta Weekend Event – they’re letting us give away a total of 20 beta keys to our readers! These keys will only work for the Beta Weekend Event running from June 8 – June 10th! All you’ll have to do for obtaining a beta key is to complete the following joke: An asura, sylvari and a charr walk into a bar…

Fan articles and blog posts

  • Guild Wars 2 Junkies — Speculation: Guild Wars 2 Launch Window – Thanksgiving. “Today we were made aware of a financial report put out by KDB Daewood Securities in regards to their future outlook of NCSoft. According to their speculation, they have confirmed that Guild Wars 2 will be released in the US and Europe before the Thanksgiving holiday.” [Raphia: I sure hope it’s sooner than early October! Oh, wait … you mean American Thanksgiving? Argh!]
  • Elemental Attunement — Skills of Interest: Glyph of Renewal. “So over in GWOnline’s Elementalist forum, moderator Gorani has started an interesting new series called ‘Skills of Interest’. Basically each week a new thread is started where a different elementalist skill is discussed and has its uses analysed and debated. This week the skill in question was ‘Glyph of Renewal’, here’s a little summary of the discussion at the time of writing”
  • GW2 WvW — Classroom of Immaculate Siege Dominance. “Everyone is affected by this, whether they are the lonewolf Thief running in the Bluewater Lowlands, a Memser from Arah’s hope carrying supply to his friends, or the brave Warrior charging Dreaming Bay’s southern wall with forty others. A lone Mortar strike obliterates the thief, an arrow cart decapitates the Mesmer and his clones, a Trebuchet hurtles a thousand pound rock on the Warrior. All of us are affected by this common denominator. Siege equipment. Good morning, class. I am your Siege expert, Agro. Today we will be going into the imaginary field of warfare that the good folk at Arenanet have given to us.”
  • Reborn Reality — Reshaping Your Reality (and your concept of the Mesmer, too). “I loved screwing up people’s PvP experience with my Mesmer in the original Guild Wars: stealing a monk’s elite, messing with skill recharge time, toying with people’s energy, ultimately forging a mental prison by warping your opponent’s reality. Simply put, fucking people over was just my cup of tea. And I wanted all of that to transfer over to the Mesmer in GW2. So it should come with little surprise that I was horrified to learn that energy and hexes would not make their way over to the next game. Later I learned that you would also not have access to the enemy skill bar; you would have to rely completely on animations instead of an interface to tell you what they were planning to do next. After a 3 day weekend and a stress test, all of which were played on a Mesmer, I don’t think the transition of this Profession is a bad one: the essence of the old Mesmer is still present…you just have to find it beneath all the glamours it’s using to hide from you.”
  • GW2 Guru — Ten Things to try in the next BWE without spoiling the game. “I’m sure I’m not the only one. Quaffing cans of super-charged caffeine drinks so as to power me though every single hour possible in the BWE and in the Monday stress test. If you’re also like me, you’re probably feeling a little conflicted right now. You want to maximise every single moment in the next BWE but don’t want to spoil the story or explore too many zones. Since going outside in the sun on a GW2 BWE is unthinkable we need other things to do. Well here are some ideas for when the next BWE comes around.”
  • Feed the GamerGuild Wars 2 Beta – First Impressions. “Guild Wars 2 debuted to the public in April with its first public beta, and droves of players swarmed to login, to be counted amongst the first to visit a new Tyria. Then they sat there and swore at the screen, screamed their frustration over struggling servers to one another over Team Speak and then, finally, gloriously began their character creation. Initial reports from those few who connected without trouble may have helped stem the tide of frustration, their response from inside the virtual world that is Tyria in Guild Wars 2 was uniform: This is awesome!”
  • Reddit — How Are Cross-server Guilds Going to Work in Guild Wars 2? “Hello guys. :) A guild-mate of mine has questions about how servers work in Guild Wars 2 so I tried to summarise it in the following way. Since this is important information so that we don’t end up not belonging to the same guild during launch, I wanted to ask you guys if my information looks correct or does it need any corrections? Thank you!”
  • Starfleet Dental — A Complete Guide to the Races of Tyria. [Raphia: A very large graphic providing you with “guidance” to selecting the “right” race for your Guild Wars 2 character. Caution: Norn, Charr, Asura, and Sylvari fans may find this “guidance” to be unwelcome and potentially insulting.]
  • A Wild Kaeyi Appears! — The Wait For A Date! “Waiting is something us as humans loath and tend to avoid, whether its waiting in line to make a purchase or in this occasion waiting for a release date. Not knowing something means we cannot look forward to it and therefore we cannot enjoy it. Personally, I am slightly pessimistic regarding not knowing a release date for Guild Wars 2 for many reasons and I will discuss them below in no particular order!”
  • TalkTyria — The Archer’s Paradox: Rangers Then and Now. “The Archer’s Paradox describes the phenomenon whereby an arrow aimed directly at the centre of a target will invariably miss. The bowman must account for the flex of the bow, the wind and the myriad of other external variables each time they release an arrow if they want to hit the target every time. The Guild Wars 2 Ranger profession might seem to be the same entity as it was in Guild Wars 1, but ArenaNet have made some significant alterations whilst still retaining the charm and lure which the profession holds in fantasy RPGs.”
  • Guild Wars Insider — Art of War: Why Play A Warrior. “Hail and well met my hearty brothers and sisters! Do you yearn to charge into battle with a mighty hammer, leaving nothing but flattened foes in your wake? Perhaps your allies are in need of your sword and shield while you deflect the relentless blows of your enemies? Or perhaps you have need of raining death down from afar with your stalwart longbow? Answering the call of the Warrior gives you all these opportunities and more!”
  • Guild Wars Insider — Playing with the Elements: Why play an Elementalist? “Every profession in Guild Wars 2 is versatile, sure, but Elementalists take it to a whole new level. The Elementalist is the profession to play if you want to fill any role. In other MMOs you could compare it to World of Warcraft‘s Druid class, or Rift’s Rogue calling, in terms of sheer I-can-do-everything-and-you-can’t…ness. Yes, it’s a long word, but remember: we’re a jack of all trades. That includes vocabulary!”
  • Dragon Season — Crafting in Guild Wars 2 – An in depth view. “The entire crafting process during the “let’s get it started