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This week in Guild Wars 2

I did a bit of housecleaning of my Google Reader subscriptions this week and I found a couple of dozen Guild Wars 2 blogs that had once been active but had not posted anything new in more than six months. I figure if you found nothing to blog about during the last month before release, you’ve probably stopped blogging about GW2 altogether. A few of them were old names or old RSS feeds of currently active blogs, but most were the kind of blog that posts half a dozen articles in the first week, then a couple the next week, then one a few months later, then goes silent, generally forever. This is in no way a reflection on GW2: this is typical of every kind of blog.

If you have a blog that deals primarily with Guild Wars 2, drop me a line at to let me know you’re posting stuff that I should be linking to. If you only post occasionally on GW2, feel free to send me a message about individual posts you think the community would be interested in.

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