This week in Guild Wars 2

One of the primary tools I use to gather links to share with you is my RSS feeds from many GW2 sites including YouTube and Reddit. Earlier this week The Old Reader‘s servers had a major melt-down. By Friday morning, I was finally able to log in and see several hundred items to consider including in today’s round-up — and that might not be all of them … TOR will be back-filling items as fast as they can (unhelpfully, this week is also when my Twitter client decided to lose some very useful functionality). The usual chronological order of items is also pretty much out-the-window with these disruptions, too.

In short, my apologies to anyone whose GW2-related post got missed this week!

Just as I was about to publish today’s round-up, I got an email from “ArenaNet” at the address. It gravely informed me that “Guild Wars 2 Account Will Be Shut Down Inform. We are sorry to inform you that your login account will be shut down or partially limited within 72 hours due to currency transactions or abnormal login. If you want to remove restrictions, please click the following link to validate” (the link doesn’t go to the official site, of course and is a domain based in Tokelau, a territory of New Zealand located in the South Pacific) and letting me know that “Recently, account abuse is obviously rising up. Please pay attention to the safety your account. Don’t share account with any other people. We will not ask for your email password in any forms on our end.” Oh, yes, Mr. Phisherman, I’ll be clicking on this link real soon now.

Official Guild Wars 2 news

  • GuildWars2.comGuild Wars 2 Invitational and Regional Qualifying Tournament Details. “If you’re a huge Guild Wars 2 PvP fan, this is your chance to shine. The Regional Qualifying and Invitational Tournaments will put you and your team up against some of the best opposition with a $10,000 cash prize pool and the title of international champion on the line. Whether you’re into competing or just want to watch the tournaments, we’ll have something to fulfill your competitive spirit.”
  • Twitch.tvGuild Wars 2 Developer Preview: Cutthroat Politics. “Matthew Pennebaker and Steven Waller take some time to preview the upcoming Cutthroat Politics content in Guild Wars 2.”
  • On the official Guild Wars 2 forums, Evan Lesh posted on the topic Split Solo Q and premade ..yeah wright: “Solo queue is definitely on the horizon. What everyone has been playing now will become ‘Team Arena’ (group queue), and we will additionally add a ‘Solo Arena’ (solo queue). The ratings will be split, and each will have their own leaderboard. We’re also planning on shipping a couple other long-standing requests with Solo Arena that many have been waiting for. A blog post will go into details about everything.”
  • — Cutthroat Politics Q&A with Ree Soesbee. “I sat down with Guild Wars 2 world designer and Sea of Sorrows author Ree Soesbee to learn more about the Captain’s Council and the role it plays in the city of Lion’s Arch.”
  • — Cutthroat Politics Campaign Guide. “Welcome to the second release of July, Cutthroat Politics!”
  • — Cutthroat Politics Begins Today! “Two candidates, war hero Ellen Kiel and Black Lion trader Evon Gnashblade, are trying to secure a trade agreement with the Zephyr Sanctum – but neither of them can seal the deal without your support! The new Cutthroat Politics release has arrived, bringing with it new activities, challenges, and exclusive rewards!”
  • — Important New Items in the Gem Store! “A new week means new items available through the Black Lion Trading Company! This week I’m pleased to offer up a very special new item: Candidate Support Bundles that let you show your support and stake a claim in the future of Lion’s Arch! I’ve also got a fancy new set of Aetherized Weapon Skins for you – read on to learn more!”
  • On the official Guild Wars 2 forums, ZudetGambeous.9573 posted on the topic Vote for Evon!: “Please use this thread to show your support for Evon Gnashblade.”
  • On the official Guild Wars 2 forums, Pixelpumpkin.4608 posted on the topic #TeamKiel: “Show your support for Ellen Kiel, the the Southsun Settlers’ secret hero – second only to this heroic dolyak.”
  • Twitter — @GuildWars2. “Here’s a lovely #GW2 vista montage video from one of our community members: ~RB2″
  • Twitter — @GuildWars2. “Did you know that there’s a #GW2 wiki Android app created by the players? Check it out and download it here: ^SL”
  • On the official Guild Wars 2 forums, Jonathan Sharp posted on the topic Current state of the meta: “The reason we did a “big