This week in Guild Wars 2

Another newsy collection of links this week, rounding up the posts from the official Guild Wars 2 site, plus all the usual assortment of blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts, and fan fiction from around the GW2 community.

Issues at The Old Reader site seem to have finally been resolved, but there may be some old items appearing in this round-up and a few may still have been missed through the restoration process. Of course, the other shoe also dropped: after the scale of problems the TOR team encountered last week, they’ve decided to take the server private again, so I have to find yet another replacement RSS reader … but on a much shorter timescale (they indicated the change will happen within two weeks). I’m currently trying out Feedspot and I’m waiting for a trial account on Newsblur. At least I’ve been happy with Janetter as a replacement Twitter client!

Official Guild Wars 2 news

Recent GuildMag posts

  • Twitter — @SOACGaming. “Sorry to all the fans looking forward to the @GuildMag PvE show. Technical difficulties postponed the show until next week.”
  • Queen’s Jubilee Update Detailed. “It’s time for a celebration! No, not the Guild Wars 2 1-year anniversary (although that’s also happening next month), but the Queen’s Jubilee! The Wallet has been invented in Tyria, and boy – it’s a real convenience! You can literally store each and every currency in game in it, freeing up space for your characters and bank account. Other features include: PvP Solo Queue, reworked rewards for Dungeons and Champions, a mini-game rotation system, improved effects level of detail system, WvW supply mastery and permanent finishers!”

Fan articles and blog posts

  • Under the Pale Tree — #TeamKiel. “The most recent Guild Wars 2 release has gone live – Cutthroat Politics! Thanks to the actions of Mai Trin and the Aetherblades, there is now an opening on the Captain’s Council in Lion’s Arch, and two characters – Ellen Kiel, a high ranking member of the Lionguard, and Evon Gnashblade, leader of the Black Lion Trading Company – are both competing for the position. And we, as players, get to ultimately decide who wins the spot on the Council, by collecting support tokens and voting with them.”
  • Guild Wars 2 Portal . New fan site by “The Amazing Jefe”.
  • Twitter — @HuntersInsight. “Chinese GW2 website: 2.5m active users a week. Have to wonder how accurate that is, the time frame, what is considered “active”.”
  • Dragon Season — Future Politics. “It’s been long and of course I know that you’ve not missed me at all. Even though this has been a rough week for me and these news may show up kinda late over here, I cannot abandon my duty, simply due to always being faithful at your service.”
  • The Krytan Herald — Who will be VICTORIOUS!? “To the victor – the spoils! With