A Bookah’s Look at Midgets

By Thalador Doomspeaker.

Little bodies, amazing craniums, magnificent minds, gigantic egos.

That’s the asura for you in just a few words. Last week, the rabid fans who closely watch for any signs and bits of news that leave ArenaNet regarding Guild Wars 2 were pleasantly distracted from their dreaded longing (that nearly matches the hunger of an Elder Dragon) with well thought-out and well presented articles and blog posts about this race of brilliant, tiny geniuses.

Longtime players first met the asura in Guild Wars’ one and only expansion, Eye of the North. There we couldn’t really bask in the ‘magnificence’ of these former Depths-dweller guys and gals yet. Back then they were just pushed out of their home caverns and forced to the surface by one mean, fiery dragon’s mean champion and his thugs. Actually, they were more like refugees and felt a bit out of place in the grand world they just arrived in. (I hope some asura folks are reading this.) However, their enormous self-confidence and ambitions made it ridiculously easy for them to settle down. Just a few days later tall geomystic generators were erected across the Tarnished Coast, and they began building their soon-to-be relocated capital, Rata Sum, on the ruins of an ancient civilization *coughMursaatcough*.

Since their exodus, the asura have spread their influence across much of Tyria. Although still not as great as they were prior to Primordus’ stirring and eventual awakening, the asura are undoubtedly one of Tyria’s dominant races, shaping the world around them culturally, technologically, and I’m positive in many other ways too — ones that my bookah mind cannot comprehend, fathom, grasp, etc., and about which any asura would be more than willing to lecture us cranially less-advanced species. But fortunately, the asura see that they have to stand side-by-side with the other races if they wish to have a chance against a threat that wants to consume the entire world. What will happen after all the dragons have been dealt with (unlikely) is still shrouded in mystery. However, I believe asuran dominance over Tyria and beyond wouldn’t be decided by wars, as the asura are more intelligent than that — plus they have the means to avoid (much) bloodshed. Eventually, the other four grand races might become too dependent on asuran technology, and if the sly asura turned this weakness against the others, they would have an easy time scoring a decisive victory.

But enough of the uncertain future. For now, the asura are a great asset to the alliance against the Elder Dragons and their minions. Outside of the battles that are fought relentlessly against four different dragons’ forces, the asura thrive in and near Rata Sum. Constant debates between individual inventors, krewes, and colleges give the basic buzz and noise of their giant, floating and “pulsating

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