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A New Beginning – Announced!

Una nueva etapa comienza.

As a fan site, or a site in general, there are a few things that make you proud of what you have achieved. As a project leader, I’ve always dreamt of using GuildMag to spread in depth editorials, lore articles and other fun stuff that the Guild Wars universe is rich of. We also pay great care to anything that the community creates and love to support those that show a heart for the overall community. It’s then a great pleasure to see two things collide: The sharing of knowledge and the power of the community.

This round, the community surprised ourselves, as three Spanish Guild Wars 2 fans, known as Lognar, Manin and Impe were translating some of our articles into spanish on a small Spanish blogging site. Then, last november I got in touch with these folks, and started talking about a more official cooperation between our both sites. This then, makes us proud to announce our first sister site:

The goal of our Spanish sister site is to share their thoughts, lore information and reviews of Guild Wars 2 while staying true to our ideal to do deep research on all of their articles, as you’ve become to know our own site to have. If you love lore, great in-depth articles and speak Spanish, you’ll definitely want to head over to!

Se acerca la era de los héroes… vívela con nosotros.

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