A Not-$o-Thrifty Thread$: The Cunning Corsair

There’s a popular design trend in Guild Wars 2 that favors long coats and waist-capes especially for the light and medium armor types. There aren’t a whole lot of options that deviate from that trend, and even when they do, they don’t always work with other sets. I’m here to share one that does and while I find it fleek as hell, it’s also sinfully expensive to complete.

Rangers, being one of three medium armor classes, have to wade through their own Sea of Sorrows, one filled with leather body-length coats. Now, that’s all fine and good when the outfit demands it, but sometimes a ranger needs something more nimble, something quieter, something one can pursue the most elusive creatures with, through all manner of terrain. This outfit was the answer to my fashion dilemma, and it’s one of my favorites to this day.


As for character context, this is my second ranger, Deana Fossi (no, I didn’t make the similar name connection until after I’d created her) and she’s descended from a lineage of Elonian corsairs that attempted to undermine Palawa Joko’s rise to power early during the 250 year expanse between Eye of the North and Guild Wars 2 but ultimately failed and had since settled in Kryta. Deana grew up as a commoner and was raised as a farmer and shepherd. She learned early on that to protect her family’s livestock from the wildlife, bandits, centaur, and pirates roaming the countryside, she’d have to be just as strong, fast, and cunning, something I wanted her outfit to ultimately reflect.


The tiger is the best. Isn’t that right, Ahmtur? Yes it is! Yes it is! Such-a-good kitty!

Dye Scheme


E – Enameled Crimson (Other reds will work)

F – Fog

W – Warmth

C – Cocoa

P – Pottery

Pa – Patina

One of the things I love about this outfit is that the dye colors I reused on multiple armor pieces, for the most part, matched across the board. I did my best to stick to more natural leather colors (browns, some reds, some yellows) with the only real popping colors being the red cloth of her headwrap, scarf, and glove lining (the ribbon of the head wrap also matches the ribbons around the grips of her main and off-hand weapons). It has an autumnal color scheme that can carry anyone through the bitter winter months. So break out those warmer colors while you can because there are colder days on hand.


Deana Fossi; expert ranger, tiger friend, whisky drinker, and arm-crossing champion.


Head: Daredevil’s Scarf

(Completely unlock the daredevil elite specialization)

Surprisingly, this is one of the easier pieces of the set to acquire and it goes great with the shoulder scarf. It’ll take a full two hundred and fifty hero points to unlock the daredevil elite specialization, but you’ve been hoarding those, right? If not, get to collecting. Hero challenges in Heart of Thorns reward ten hero points a pop. In the scenario that you don’t have Heart of Thorns, the Subterfuge Hood from thief character creation is a decent substitute.

Shoulders: Shoulder Scarf

(400 Gems or around 99 gold by the current exchange)

As the daredevil’s scarf and shoulder scarf come together to form a stylish covering for the wearer, it also provides an aura of mystery but also warmth. A reminder that thieves and daredevils don’t own the monopoly on stealth and discreteness. Functionally, it works for desert and snowy climates (though you might want to switch to coat in the Shiverpeaks). Unfortunately, this piece will cost you 400 gems (around 108 gold) to buy. It’s a tough break, considering that you can get the whole Krytan medium armor set for the piece for only 100 gems more.

Chest: Krytan Jerkin

(500 Gems for the full set or around 124 gold by the current exchange)

There are some decent shoulderless medium armor chest pieces, but the Krytan jerkin is a popular one despite the price tag. It looks tough, like something that could be seen on a bar brawler in a rough corner of Lion’s Arch. It was good choice for my character to show of some visual grit and some of her no-nonsense attitude. Unfortunately, the Krytan jerkin only comes as part of a set, which can only be bought with gems on the gem store.

Hands: Stalwart Gloves

(Unlocked through the PvP Legacy Armor Reward Track)

If you haven’t already given up and are still reading this, then sharpen sharpen your blades and guard your vitals because to get this piece, you’ll have to jump into some PvP or WvW. As someone who doesn’t really participate in PvP all that often, this one was really just matter of eventually reaching tier 8 and earning the fifth reward in the tier. Once you do that, you can simply pick the armor piece you want from the Legacy Armor Box.

Leggings: Inquest Leggings

(300 Knowledge Crystals from The Crucible of Eternity Dungeon)

I mostly chose these pants for the slick angular lines and how the bottom part matches up with the boots. Admittedly, there are number of good pants that work with this outfit, so play around with the wardrobe if these don’t float your boat. Sure, dungeon specific armor can be unlocked through PvP if you’re into that, but why do that when you can smack Subject Alpha’s butt up and down the magically irradiated halls of the most loved Inquest base? Sure, you’ll need to drag three to four others along to complete the dungeon paths, but what are friends for if not to complete group content with? Of course, if that fails, there’s always the “Let’s Friggin’ Go!” (LFG) tool.

Feet: Heritage Boots

(Earn 1 Point in the Hall of Monuments Calculator)

Look. I know what you’re thinking. Probably something along the lines of “why should I go spend $20 on the original Guild Wars and its expansion, Eye of the North just to link up the two accounts and get some points in the Hall of Monuments Calculator so I can get a pair of boots?” Well, Tribune Buzzkill (that’s my nickname for Rytlock), let me give you a few reasons:

  1. The original games were fun and engaging and there’s a lot of cool lore to learn about the world behind Guild Wars 2.
  2. When you play the game of Fashion Wars 2, you find a way.
  3. (reasonable and convincing third thing that you take to heart)

All joking aside, if you mess around with other pants and boots skins you can avoid this expense altogether. I’m just laying out what it takes to make this unique outfit. Happy fashion hunting, and don’t let the time/cost sink get you down. It took me three years or so to pull the pieces of this outfit together (I mean, I had the boots before everything else, but still…) so take it slow.

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