Age of Deceit – Freedom and Sacrifice

The text below is based on Guild Wars lore but is purely fan-fiction. Click here for Chapter 12.

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Chapter 13 – Freedom and Sacrifice

The Kraken’s Dream silently glided on the sea, not far off the coast. Its sails were unfurled although there wasn’t much wind to catch at the moment. Most of the crew were resting in the deck below with a few playing cards on the main deck.

Demetrius, the first mate and captain in Kanaxai’s absence, leant over the railing and stared into the distance, watching the horizon that divided the colors of jade and cyan. Out on the sea people couldn’t know when a leviathan would suddenly attack without any sign beforehand, but Demetrius simply marveled at the beauty of the incomprehensible, capricious sea. He just realized that deep down he actually meant the tease he told Kanaxai about cruising away with the ship and never returning. He would have never betrayed his clan or his Captain, but the prospect of leaving everything behind and living only to the sea was tempting.

They had only left the pier a day ago, almost right after the Captain had helped them loading the cargo in, but the winds were rather unfavorable and so they passed the shores of Maishang Hills only about two hours ago.

A tiny whirlpool that formed a hundred strides from the ship caught Demetrius’ attention. Then a second, a third, a fourth… in the end there were six of the little swirling phenomena. He bent over the rail and focused his sight: the whirlpools posed no threat to the ship, but their sudden appearance made him nervous.

Out of the six vortexes six transparent tentacles emerged, followed by the long head of a spectral kraken: Zhu Hanuku burst out the waters, anxiously flailing with his limbs. Demetrius knew that the great kraken wouldn’t appear if it was not for something urgent. He decided to alert the crew with a mighty yell.

“All hands to the deck!

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