Age of Deceit – Funeral and Succession

The text below is based on Guild Wars lore but is purely fan-fiction. Click here for the Prologue + Chapter 1.


Chapter 2 – Funeral and Succession

The faint sun shone brightly on the hill where the mourning crowd gathered. The people surrounded a large grave made of obsidian. For now, it was open, revealing the late emperor in ornate, traditional Canthan clothing and his hands on the hilt of his sword over his chest. However, soon the grave would be sealed and a magnificent statue of Kaineng Tah erected atop of it. Nobles from all around the Empire came to Raisu to pay homage to the deceased emperor. Some of them were his enemies once, but these former chieftains have long since understood that Kaineng Tah was worthy of becoming their ruler, and his vision led to the creation the first human empire on Tyria. They all owed him this much.

Even Kanaxai, the proud captain of the Kraken Clan, respected Kaineng Tah. More than thirty years ago, Kaineng defeated his father in honorable combat, and in return, as the leader of the Kraken, he convinced the other three clans not to take up arms against the powerful Dragon. The Luxon people saw the valor in Kaineng’s heart, and they accepted him as their emperor. He respected this, and while the Luxons and their territories were annexed into the Empire, they could more or less retain their way of life as nomadic fishers, traders and warriors of the Jade Sea.

It was Kanaxai’s turn now. He walked up to the open grave, and bowed his bald, tanned head.

“Go with Dwayna, Dragon Sovereign. May your spirit be at peace at the side of the goddess.

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