Age of Deceit – Kanaxai’s Destiny

The text below is based on Guild Wars lore but is purely fan-fiction. Click here for Chapter 3.


Chapter 4 – Kanaxai’s Destiny

Kanaxai ran as fast as he could in the direction of the rising pillar of smoke. From afar he already felt the smell of burning wood and flesh. His lungs were becoming full with the poisonous smoke as he was drawing closer to the source of the fume, but he just ran and ran… until he arrived at the horrid sight.

A pile of corpses rose in front of him.

No one was spared: Kanaxai could see women and men, old and young. Everyone was dead. He wanted to believe that his son, his wife, or somebody survived and escaped, but all his hopes were quickly destroyed as he looked at the top of the pile… they were all there, leaned against a tall pole around which the corpses lay. Kanaxai looked at the top of the pole with teary eyes, and in that moment his grief turned into limitless rage and hatred: it was the banner of the Canthan Empire waving defiantly in the wind. He clenched his fists, fell to his knees and cried, for he knew that he alone could do nothing.

In this helpless, unable state he listened to the crackling of the fire. Kanaxai lost his perception of time; he might have been curled up in front of his slaughtered people for hours… he didn’t know.

Suddenly, the muffled sound of screams and howls from the harbor’s direction reached his ears. Someone could still be alive! Maybe there’s resistance! Kanaxai rose up with a newfound strength and fury, and ran as fast as he could, despite being choked by the smoke.

The shore was not far from the place of the massacre. Even from afar he saw the contours an anchored vessel in the bay, illuminated by the rays of the setting sun from the back. With each scream, Kanaxai doubled his pace, even though he was on the verge of collapse now. And again, he arrived at another heart-wrenching sight: three limp figures on noose-tied ropes swaying from the mast of the great freighter.


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