Age of Deceit – Prologue & A Tragic Hunt



Cordrina landed gently on the rocky, moonlit beaches of the island of Kuan Jun. She folded her wings behind her back as she proceeded towards the center of the island. She did not need to worry about mortals seeing her, as it was a holy place – a meeting ground for the gods. Even then, she was still worried about other, more dire problems.

Cordrina rubbed her forehead as she hastily walked through the narrow canyons surrounding the center. This accursed noise is not ceasing… and now it’s causing me headaches, too. In the end I’ll have to ask that meddlesome Dwayna to examine it… Hmph. Cordrina thought to herself. She was experiencing a strange noise in her mind lately. At first she didn’t give it much importance, but in the past few days the noise has been increasing and it began to hurt. Meanwhile, she finally arrived at the meeting place. Most of the gods were already there, except for the god of death, Dhuum.

“I bet our newest brother is still cleaning up the mess Naraiohn left in the Underworld.

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