Age of Deceit – The Convocation

The text below is based on Guild Wars lore but is purely fan-fiction. Click here for Chapter 4

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Chapter 5 – The Convocation

Over the next two days the other three clans arrived one by one. The clans of the Luxon Armada always stood within reasonable distance of each other, in case something befell a member of this great family. The Turtle Clan made the trek along the eastern shore and came in from the south on their giant turtles, while the Crab and Serpent clans arrived from the west by ships. All the attendants were in Maishang Hills by dusk, although a few more guests still showed up every hour. The celebrating Luxons cordially greeted their friends and acquaintances who they haven’t seen for years. People were drinking, eating, debating, laughing, and waiting for their captains to announce the start of the duels.

Kanaxai rested his head on his left hand that the right hand held at the elbow. It was dark in the tent with only a few candles illuminating the people inside: Arianthe and the Captain of the Serpent Clan, Alua, sat on a couch-like, padded furniture. They were silently talking to each other. Ione, the Captain of the Turtle Clan, leaned at one of the sturdier support beams of the tent with crossed arms. Only Elora, the Captain of the Crab, faced Kanaxai. She glared at her brother and shook her head.

“You cannot be serious, Kan. We can’t break out of the Dragon just because the very first meeting you had with the new emperor ended badly. He was obviously mad with grief, that’s why he reacted so… heatedly.

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