Age of Deceit – The Crowning

The text below is based on Guild Wars lore but is purely fan-fiction. Click here for Chapter 2.


Chapter 3 – The Crowning

A hundred trumpets caroled as the large oak doors of the throne room opened, heralding the coming of the Crown Prince. Yian Zho sublimely moved forward between the armor-clad lines of disciplined Dragonguard soldiers who held back the enthusiastic Canthan nobles that returned to Raisu for the second time in a fortnight. Among them he could see several counts and countesses of the Kurzicks, but not one Luxon leader, which offended him. I am not going to let the absence of those barbarians ruin my finest hour. Yian thought to himself and smiled as he arrived before twelve men and women in regal robes and clothing. The six high priests and priestesses and the six Sacred Guards of the Six Gods formed a semi-circle around him. Six of them stood on his left, five on the opposite side, and one elderly man right in front of the Prince. He knew the process, as his father told his children how he had gotten crowned so many times, and was aware that the coronation was only about formalities. He knelt down, bowed his head, and then looked back up at Dwayna’s patriarch. In his hands he could see his father’s crown glinting in the light.

“Crown Prince Yian Zho.

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