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Dear Readers,

I know you were expecting a new chapter – believe me, so was I -, but alas, I really felt the need to correct some mistakes and edit the currently published content. Unfortunately, I wrote Chapter 11 with those changes in mind and in order to better understand it, this update is necessary. To be completely honest with you, this came in quite handy as it gave me the chance to go through all the previous chapters and do some patches here and there, as well as rewrite or add new scenes to make the story whole and – hopefully – better.

This is not an enormous update, but it still has some new things. Not enough to make up for the absence of Chapter 11, but certainly something to chew on while it is is still in the works.

A quick overview of the bigger edits and changes:

In the whole story: The Canthan general who was known as Ralahn-Tor Sethiroth is no more… a new man, Raijin Seritena, has taken his place, however. The same morals, the same history, the same destiny… but a much better name.

Minor name changes: Raijin’s loyal scout is now called Kei Jii (Chapter 1 and going to appear later on), and the Admiral of the Imperial Navy is now known as Fai Zahn (Chapter 7 and going to appear later on).

Prologue: Fixed some embarrassing blunders.

Chapter 1: Made the whole chapter smoother and easier to read in general. Some rewritten scenes and introductions.

Chapter 2: The letter the General receives is now written by his grandson and we learn a bit about what happened to Raijin’s son. Expanded the grand throne room’s description.

Chapter 3: A brand new scene was added between the coronation and Raijin’s fealty. It’s really intriguing…  I highly recommend checking it out!

The rest of the chapters contain the aforementioned changes (names, mostly) as well as some grammatical and writing edits.

And now, the links to all published chapters for easy access:

  1. Prologue & A Tragic Hunt
  2. Funeral and Succession
  3. The Crowning
  4. Kanaxai’s Destiny
  5. The Convocation
  6. Rising Menace
  7. Diplomacy
  8. Awakening
  9. The Calm Before The Storm & Dire Decisions

A note for next week:

Due to the last and possibly most hectic BWE, I will not post Chapter 11. A two weeks hiatus is a bit long, I know, but who would have time to read when he or she can take the epic fight to the dragons themselves and become a savior of Tyria?


Well, this is it. I wanted to thank everyone who has been keeping up with Age of Deceit – both passively and actively.  It’s been and still is an incredible adventure for me: the exploration of the reaches of my imagination and the constant improving of my writing skills. Hopefully I will be able to continue it with the same amount (if not more) of passion and enthusiasm until the very end…

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