The Annual 2016

Support Doctors Without Borders and get your hands on a printed GuildMag magazine.

Featuring Aurora Peachy, MMOINKS and other Guild Wars 2 community members.

What Is The Annual?

Each year, GuildMag produces a limited edition printed magazine. We cram it full of awesome Guild Wars 2 articles, and allow our readers to purchase a copy that gets delivered straight to their front door.

This year is no different. We've worked with prominent figures from the Guild Wars 2 community to create a magazine that's truly special, including: Aurora Peachy; MMOINKS; Chronicles of Tyria; and Vasburg, an insanely talented artist.

For every copy sold, GuildMag will donate $1 to Doctors Without Borders - a charity that helps deliver emergency medical aid to those that need it most.

The Annual 2016 will only be available for physical purchase this one time: once it's gone, it's gone. Pre-orders will close in mid-December, with delivery in early 2017.

What's Inside?

  • Articles from Aurora Peachy, MMOINKS and Chronicles of Tyria.
  • Get creative: Learn to make quaggan tree decorations!
  • Lore: The White Mantle, mursaat and ley line magic.
  • Season 3 story recap.
  • Fiction & art: The best creative talent all in one place.
  • What would a legendary weapon cost in the real world? Find out inside!
  • Win digital goodies in our screenshot contest!
  • A whole load more, just waiting to be revealed.

Don't forget that $1 goes to Doctors Without Borders for every pre-order. Grab your copy now to support their cause and earn an awesome magazine!

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Quality Printing

We've had 2 years of magazine printing experience.
Below is how our previous printed issues have turned out.

You can expect the Annual 2016 to be even better!

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