We are happy to announce that Jalinar of Chronicles of Tyria is contributing a special story to GuildMag: The Annual 2018!  With the balance of magic teetering in Tyria, Jalinar gives us a glimpse into the chaos leeching out into the world.  Here’s a breif snippet to whet your fiction appetite!


I turned my head once more to the incoming stampede. I could feel the thunderous reverberations of their approaching feet. The howls of anger and the clanging of weapons echoed in the valley. I was frozen for a moment remembering the look in their eyes. Was I truly a monster?


My body still felt sluggish from the recent events and coordinating my legs was an arduous task. One slow step at a time was all I could manage at first, my left leg still limping from the first impact. I walked off the well-trodden path and let the forest cover my escape.

The biting cold of the morning dew, the grit of dirt between my toes and the occasional snap of a twig under my bare feet were all too unfamiliar to me still. Before coming to this land I had watched it, but being able to feel, touch and hear it were concepts all too foreign.

From my prison, I had learned of this land in all its facets. The inhabitants that walked on it, built upon it, waged wars and ravaged it, but I could never understand how it felt to be among them. The Shiverpeak Mountains could have been a figment of my imagination, and it wouldn’t have made a difference to me.

Dirt turned to stone as the trees thinned and I emerged at the foot of the mountain. Its sheer walls and snowy peaks blocked further progression westward. I caught my breath for a moment. Running for my life was not what I had expected of my arrival in this land. I thought of the morning’s events once more to try and make sense of where I had gone wrong.

Head south

The land-dwellers had descended from the north; appearing out of thin air under a floating contraption powered by a familiar energy. First, they tentatively walked in my direction, scared of my stature as I towered over them. I opened my mouth to speak like they did, but no words came out; I did not need breath to live. I reached my hand down instead to greet one of the humans, but a bolt of lightning sprang between us, launching him a couple of paces back. The rest of his group unsheathed their weapons and brandished them menacingly. One of the figures swung at my exposed thigh. The land-dwellers backed away instinctively as they saw a similar energy arc from my wound. A cry of pain echoed within my mind, not my own voice. My foot gave way underneath me as I took a step back. They came forward again, but with a single push I flung my assailants onto the ground and ran.

Make it stop

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