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ArenaNet opens more worlds for BWE2

With all the beta keys being handed out by fan sites and all the folks getting their invitations to BWE2 from the original “million fan march”, you’d think we’d be pretty crowded with new players this weekend. ArenaNet was way ahead of you, for they’ve announced a number of new worlds that will be available this weekend:

If this is your first Beta Weekend Event, you’ll have the opportunity to pick any available server, or home world, when you log in for the first time. If you choose a home world that is in a different region from where you purchased your game, you will be logged out for a short period of time while your account is moved to your new region. All of the characters you create will play on whichever home world you select, and they’ll fight for that world in our World vs. World format.

If you played in our first Beta Weekend Event, you will already have an existing home world. We’ll have a lot more players participating in this second beta, so you may want to change your home world so you can play together with your friends. Good news, everyone! World transfers will be free of charge on June 8 from Noon PDT (GMT -7) until 6PM PDT (GMT -7) on June 9. After this point, a world transfer will cost 1800 gems with a limit of one transfer every 7 days.

Here are all the worlds we’ll have available this weekend:

US Worlds

EU Worlds

Anvil Rock


Borlis Pass


Yak’s Bend


Henge of Denravi




Sorrow’s Furnace



Fissure of Woe

Jade Quarry


Fort Aspenwood

Ring of Fire

Ehmry Bay

Far Shiverpeaks

Ferguson’s Crossing

Petrified Forest


Gunnar’s Hold



Eredon Terrace

Boreal Station

Crystal Desert

Jaga Moraine

Tarnished Coast

Umbral Grotto

Steamspur Mountains

Bjora Marches

Blazeridge Mountains

Norrhart Domain

Isle of Janthir


Sea of Sorrows



Sacnoth Valley

Scavenger’s Causeway

Shosa’s Hollow


O’Brien’s Refuge

Eternal Grove

Longeye’s Ledge

Basalt Grotto


Quarrel Falls

Lakeside County

Sanctum Cay


Nolani Academy

Magus Falls

Frost Gate

Whiteside Ridge

Fort Witter

Ruins of Surmia

Loew’s Point

Sharp’s Corner

Divinity Coast

Aurora Glade

The Wilds

Elona Reach [DE]

Bloodstone Fen

Kodash [DE]

Eve’s Warren

Abaddon’s Mouth [DE]

Port Sledge

Dzagonur [DE]


Riverside [DE]

Gate of Madness

Dasha [DE]

Bearce Falls

Nundu Bay [DE]

Massey’s Grotto

Drakkar Lake [DE]

Bauer’s Pass

Miller’s Sound [DE]

Frazar Lake

Augury Rock [FR]

Arachnia Plateau

Jade Sea [FR]

Tanglewood Copse

Fort Ranik [FR]


Vizunah Square [FR]

Jaya Bluffs

Arborstone [FR]


Echovald Forest [FR]

Seafarer’s Rest

Urgoz’s Warren [FR]

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