ArenaNet & Seattle Symphony at PLAY!

Well, there were no sylvari mesmers, if that’s what you were expecting.

The Guild Wars 2 arrangement of PLAY was, unsurprisingly, gorgeous and breathtaking. ArenaNet told us in their blog announcing their inclusion in PLAY that they had prepared a new cinematic for it, which got people excited and curious. Here’s what stood out to me. It’s not comprehensive, as I don’t have cameras in my eyes (and I abide by the rules of the concert hall of course).

The cinematic consisted of the trademark animated concept art we’ve seen previously in trailers and the race video. Like I said, gorgeous. It began with Zhaitan and Orr rising, as we’ve in the first trailer. Then the tsunami hit the castle walls of Lion’s Arch. Following that were images of Kralkatorrik and Jormag rising; Kralkatorrik’s shadow passes over and Brands the land and figures turn to ice in Jormag’s wake.

Lots of scenery and concept art followed, including the shots of Destiny’s Edge. There seemed to be a lot of shots of mages, including one–their back to the viewer, summoning a towering column of pinkish-bluish-purpleish energy. Obviously I was very quick to assume “OMG MESMER!

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