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Artistic charr origins

Charr week charges on with another blogpost at the official ArenaNet blog. This time we were treated to a nice look by Katy Hargrove, at how they went from ogres, you know, the bad guys in most standard fantasy games, to fierce cat-beasts. Then Kirsten Perry went on to explain to us how she made the female charr come into existence, and how she convinced the rest of the team to stay away from your ‘classic’ cat-girl with (six!) boobs to no boobs at all. Last but certainly not least, Kekai Kotaki mentioned that he made sure that the charr were badass, and even made them more badass into the process.

Q: So how did you strike that balance and create something that was both feminine and charr-like?

Kristen: Well, when I started designing the female charr, I definitely wanted her to feel just as fierce as the male of the race. She had to feel sleek and agile while at the same time have an appearance of strength and power. By thinking in terms of movement, it became clear the answer was in optimizing nuances. Yes, she had to be large and robust like the male, but we could tone down the testosterone by really extending her body lines to gracefully flow from the top of her head to tail tip.

I didn’t see any reason whatsoever to give her less clawing power, so I rebuilt the sabers on her hands and feet and brought out the padding design. The face and horns were designed with style and movement in mind, but also incorporated markedly more feminine cat-like features instead of the more monstrous male features, though there will be those options too. The horns don’t have a particular direction to denote gender; they just have to look cool. The female’s tail, however, has long hair. This was a very specific thing I wanted to include, as I love the sweeping feel to the long hair, and it’s an easy detail to note from behind in telling whether the charr is male or female.

Finally, there was the matter of the chest. It really didn’t make any sense to have boobs on a charr female, particularly with all the effort we took to make her sleek and fierce. We thought they should have no breasts at all or at least hide them under some fluffy fur. Above all else, we needed to be true to the race, of course! There was still some debate, however, so I gave them a choice: either be subtle and downplay the breasts (it wasn’t a point of the race, anyway) or go full-on realistic. Yes, that’s right —none or six!!

But really, the armor augmentation required for six boobs would be just as ridiculous, so none it was!


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