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Ask your questions at Guru and Reddit!

As we reported on earlier, today the Mesmer has officially been announced. Because of this occasion ArenaNet decided to hold the first “Ask me Anything’ on Reddit. Here you can ask Jon Peters (Almost) Anything about Guild Wars 2 and the newly revealed Mesmer! Keep an eye out on to see where the Reddit’s AmA will be held.

ArenaNet Systems Designer, Jon Peters, will be doing a Reddit AMA tomorrow morning at around 10am! We’ll tweet the link when it’s up. ~RB

If you cannot make it to the AmA, GuildWars2Guru is hosting yet another IRC Dev Chat where you can propose your questions to both Jon Peters and Jonathan Sharp! Do you want to join in? Then head over to the IRC chat of GW2G at 11:30 AM PST/7:30 PM GMT, more information can be found below.

How to Connect to IRC:

If you are unfamiliar with IRC, you can join by using our web client. On the date and time of the chat, our web client will be changed to automatically have you join the dev chat channel and our official Guru channel. You may converse freely with each other in the Guru channel as the live chat goes on.

Otherwise, those who have their own IRC client can connect to the following server: 6667
The channels: #gw2devchat and #guildwarsguru

How to Submit a Question:

On Dec. 14th we will begin taking questions on IRC at 10:30 AM PST/6:30 PM GMT. We’ll have a few mods there ready to take  your questions. All you’ll need to do is message one of the mods with  your question(s).

The live chat will be logged, formatted and posted on our forums once the chat is over. So get your thinking caps on and your questions ready for Wednesday and we’ll see you there!


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