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PAX East Preview: Izzy on Attributes and Iteration

It’s tuesday, and thus we just received the promised blog about Attributed and how it changed over the development process. Izzy or Isaiah Cartwright talks us through the process of how and why the attribute system has been changed.

We often mention iteration in interviews, at trade shows, and here on the blog. But what does it mean when we talk about the iterative process?  I’d like to walk you through some changes we’ve made to the Guild Wars 2 attribute system to give you a better idea of our design philosophy.

Let’s start with a brief history of our character attribute system. We wanted to add attributes to Guild Wars 2 in order to solve a few problems we saw in the original Guild Wars. Frankly, we felt our item system was lacking when compared to other games we’d played. We found that our item system had become more about skins than it was about stats, which made the system cool, but limited our ability to make interesting items. We love to get systems in early and play around with them. Because our perception of a system often changes as we play with it, this is a key component of our iterative process. So, we started work on adding attributes to Guild Wars 2.

They also give us a list of the current attributes which is a simplified version of the original and solved a couple of problems they ran into during the process. These new attributes consist out of: power, precision, vitality and toughness.

  • Power—increased attack damage.
  • Precision—increased critical strike chance.
  • Vitality—increased health.
  • Toughness—increased defense/armor.

At the end they also talk about the choices you can make and what effect it will likely have on your playstyle. All in all, this article gives us great insight into what the attribute system is about and how it evolved from something complex to something that’s easy to understand but still tricky to make a choice in.


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