Dutch Sunshine

    I'm the Project-Lead of GuildMag, my job entails a wide variaty of tasks. First of all, I'm the main-responsible for all official-related contacts, if you want to reach me privately, send a mail to marc@www.guildmag.com. Next to this I'm also the writer of the GuildMag Blitz blogposts and occassionally help out with the writing, editing and designing side of the magazine. In short, you can call me an all-rounder as a project-lead needs to be able to be. The main goal for me while participating in the GuildMag project is to learn from all aspects that come with it. I want to know how everything goes and eventually how I can solve stuff so that I can use it for later purposes. Next to this, I also want to bring a new way of sharing Guild Wars related content.

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