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Battle for Lion’s Arch: Aftermath – Atlas Locations

The battle for Lion’s Arch has nearly ended. Scarlet’s fate has been sealed. Tyria will soon learn what her master is capable of. Meanwhile the citizens of Lion’s Arch try to take hight of the damage that has been dealt, mourn the losses that have been made and find dear ones that have been missing as a result of the battle.

Meanwhile, ArenaNet has sneakily added 10 new locations onto the Atlas map. So far, only 8 have been discovered. Try swapping languages when you’re unable to find a new spot! Happy hunting and don’t forget to participate in our latest Blog Carnival, in which we invite bloggers and readers alike to discuss their opinions about the first arc of the Living Story.

Also, to see how the fight ended up at the Breachmaker, and what the consequences are of its activities, check out the video of the ending cutscene below.

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