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Bazaar of the Four Winds: Lore and Music

ArenaNet has uploaded the two (beautiful) soundtracks which you’ll likely have heard while jumping and running around in Labyrinthine Cliffs catching those crystals or racing around. Head over to the Soundcloud page to listen to these fantastic tunes.

In other news, we now have a background story on the journey of the Zephyrites, confirming their connection with the Brotherhood of the Dragon and Glint herself.

09 Season of the Scion 1320

Exhaustion and heat may kill us before we get out of here, if the minor irritations don’t get us first. The desert winds blow sand into everything. The grains are like tiny biting mites that get between your skin and your clothes, cling to your scalp, and grind between your toes.

My companions have remained taciturn throughout our journey, and as we approach the battlegrounds, we’ve stopped conversing about anything nonessential to our survival. We’re too exhausted to do anything but plod onward.

It’s as if the wind, sun, and weather were conspiring to slow our progress. I’m beginning to understand why someone keen on security would make this the location of her lair.

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