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Beta Development Update

Over at the ArenaNet blog, Eric Flannum introduces us to a blog that takes us through some of the development changes and updates that have been implemented since we last saw the game.

Eric starts off with talking about the downed and defeated states and talk a bit about the changes that have been made to the system since we last saw it. Next up Randy Knapp, programmer over at ArenaNet, gives us the low on some of the changes to the compass – it can now zoom in and out! Did you think Dynamic Events were cool already? Devon Carver lets us know that ArenaNet took them just one step further and tried to tell the story of a specific zone through so called ‘Meta-Events’. That’s not all he has to tell us though, as he also introduces us to the concept of hidden treasures – what’s more awesome than to find a hidden chest after a little jumping game? Last but certainly not least, Jon Peters talks us through some changes to the boons and condition system which was already in place but has been made a lot more interesting!

Head over to the ArenaNet blog to read all about this in much more details!


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