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Big Beta Weekend Preview: More Awesomeness

The upcoming Beta Weekend Event is guaranteed to be more awesome than last time, not only have the servers been doubled up, there’s also a whole lot of new changes and additions to the game! Below is a shortlist of all the exciting features that are awaiting you the next time you can login in Guild Wars 2.

  • Keep Your Characters!
    Are you attached to your previous Beta Weekend Event character? Continue her story!
  • Enter the Catacombs
    Did you manage to complete the storyline mode of the Catacombs? Enter again and see if you can stay alive during the Explorable mode!
  • Visit Lovely Gendarran Fields
    Check out this newly added level 25 to 30 map, just above Lion’s Arch!
  • Unlock the Mysteries of the Mystic Forge
    Unneeded weapons? Drop them here!
  • Expanded World vs. World
    A mini-dungeon which centres around ‘the Dark Room’, skill challenges, dynamic events, and even jump puzzles have all been added to the WvW maps!
  • New Automated Player vs. Player Tournaments and More
    Match your PvP skills with your team against seven opposing teams and see who comes out as a victor! Also: a new reward structure which is based upon both Glory (can be traded in for items) and your overall Rank (the higher the rank, the more valuable your rewards!)
  • Combat— “A Sense of Hitting
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