Blog Carnival 2 | The Guild Wars 2 Guild System

The fans have weighed in, and it’s time to check out what the community is saying about what we know so far concerning the GW2 Guild system; specifically, the ability to join unlimited guilds. We got a whopping 28 submissions for this carnival… more than three times as much as our first! How awesome is that? Very!

There’s been a lot of debate and varying opinions on the issue, which is why I thought it’d be an excellent opportunity for an open discussion across the web. And have no fear, ArenaNet & friends! It would seem the reaction is overwhelmingly positive.

There are some amazing entries here from fans new and old. Even a few brand new blogs are making their debut here. Congrats, and welcome to the community!
And to the readers; be sure to show support for these fantastic guys and gals by leaving feedback on their respective blogs.

Without further ado, here are the entries in order of submission:

*Update*: Sorry for the mishap! The original published version was an incorrect autosave! This current version should be the correct & complete one. Apologies to the ladies and gents who’s articles were missing originally.

The Multi-Guild System by Greibach, from Greibach’s Normal Form

 Looking at the GW2 style of guilds is extremely exciting for me. I run a very small guild of almost exclusively IRL friends; about 10-15 members. It’s extremely convenient to be able to have a place where I can chat with friends without using a cumbersome friends list to whisper everyone. At the same time, it’s nice to not have to deal with random guild drama that can occasionally accompany bigger groups. I know these people well enough to feel secure in a drama free zone….

[GW2] Guilds: My most Laboured Metaphor yet! by DistilledWill, from Distilled Will Power

In the new game the guild system is like going to a bar. Walk through the door and there could be any number of people milling about. It’s likely you’ve come here with a few friends and that’s great, but you know that there will be people in and out of this bar all night. You might choose to visit a few bars over the course of the evening, maybe jump from group to group and socialise with a number of different people. One night you might choose to spend the whole evening in a chill out bar, drinking ice cold vodka from frozen shot glasses…

The Guild System in Guild Wars 2: Social Dream or Community Nightmare?  by King_Dom, from Vanion.eu

Imagine you are in two guilds. One is focused on PvP and one on Pve, and since you like to do both it seems like a perfect solution.
But now imagine you are in 4 guilds. Two PvP and two PvE guilds. On first thought you just broadened your social circle. The problem lies in the chance of an arising conflict, and we all know that every guild has them from time to time.

So you have a heated argument with a few of your guild mates, that just does not seem to resolve itself. In a normal guild you would work hard to solve this conflict because you feel like a part of this, and only this, community. But with 4 guilds you have a back-up one in every situation. What is now motivating you to hold back your inner flame-monster?


“Beer!” Arja shouted, arms raised. “Who wants to join me? I’m heading for that bar we visited last time in Lion’s Arch. Great place to meet adventurous drinkers!”

“Drunks,” Nilla, an asura, corrected, pushing past the norn woman’s legs. In her opinion Arja took up way too much space of the room; space that could be used for greater things. “And wasn’t it a norn bar?”

“Come on, you’ll enjoy it!”

“To be stepped upon? No. Besides: alcohol slows your brain,” she tapped a silk-gloved finger at the side of her forehead, “which in your case doesn’t cause a lot of damage, but me? No, really, I’m in my prime.” Waving her hand as if to get rid of the topic, she left to dig through one of her over-sized racks.

A brief look into some guild mechanics in Guild Wars 2 by  Admin, from GW2PvPStrategy

This is a very controversial topic for some, and until people start using it and see where the chips fall it will probably feel alien to many players. One thing Guild Wars 2 does to encourage guild stability and incentive against flip-flopping are influence points, this is much like the guild level system in WoW & Warhammer Online where you gain influence for your guild and thus earn unlockables such as more guild storage, flags that can be placed on the ground and provide an EXP boost to players in it’s radius, etc…

Dissecting the Guild Mechanic: Will Guild Wars 2 measure up? by Arch8, from Kormir’s High Road

It was almost six years ago I jumped into ArenaNet’s aspiring CORPG (Cooperative Role-Playing Game), Guild Wars, and experienced a “MMOesque

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