Blog Carnival #3 | Character Diversity

Thanks to everyone who took part in our third blog carnival. We’ve had some great submissions and after reading through them, I’m sure you’ll agree that Guild Wars 2 offers very wide scope to allow us to create characters that are different from everyone else’s character.

We had some technical issues getting this post put together and published … well, more accurately I had technical issues. While I was working on updating our Beta Aggregation page on Tuesday, I had an internet error that effectively prevented me from accessing the entire GuildMag site. At the time of writing this introduction, I still have full access to the entire internet except GuildMag.com. Dutch has been kind enough to act as my secretary for a bit, copying files and pasting my code into the blog so that this (eventually) got published. (On top of that, we had a date mis-match: I thought we were publishing on the 29th, but Dutch just corrected me and said we were publishing today!)

The full spectrum of writing experience in our community is reflected in this carnival: some old grognards from the “good old days” and some folks who literally started blogging in order to take part in this event. Welcome to the newcomers and a tip of the hat to the grizzled types at the back of the writers’ bar.

Please visit and leave feedback to the writers. With support and encouragement, writers tend to write more, which is good for them and good for the community!

  • Plyturon’s Forgotten Forge — Character diversity in Guild Wars 2.

In previous games, character diversity was mainly achieved through the character creation. You choose a race, a class, the appearance and then name the character. But character customization doesn’t end at character creation. There are different playstyles that determine what you actually do in-game. In recent MMO’s, you can switch playstyles on-the-fly, change armor colors, complete achievements and earn titles.

Seriously though, after researching and reading about the various races of GW2, I see a lot of roleplay (abbreviated to “RP”) possibilities, and most of them make me excited to step into the updated world of Tyria. However, I’d be lying if I didn’t see pitfalls in many elements of the established societies and races of this lush world. Today, I’m going to point out these potential pitfalls, so that responsible RPers can avoid them.

  • The Greatsword — Character Diversity.

As many people may be aware, Guild Wars 2 is set to feature an immense amount of character customization including a personal story line, customized armour appearance, and a ridiculous array of weapon combinations per profession. As the title suggests I love the greatsword (great sword). It has a certain devastating connotation and yet grace to it. A weapon that for a long time has been limited to the brawn of warrior-type classes; appealing to the brainless melee hack and slashers out there. GW2 offers a unique approach to change the way this weapon is approached. For those (including myself) who still think in WoW terms, one would think of a ranger using a great sword as impractical. ArenaNet said lets do away with limitations and change how your character behaves when you equip this. Instead using it for stat bonuses use it for assisted melee damage with the help of a pet.

Something that annoyed us greatly in the Eligium beta was that we couldn’t choose the look of our characters. All you could choose — look-wise — was the race and the gender. Nothing to set you visually apart from everybody else. We all looked like clones. In World of Warcraft, people also complained about everybody choosing only the “pretty face

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