Blog Carnival: Five Years of Waiting for Guild Wars 2

We are getting closer to Guild Wars 2’s launch and the long time of waiting is almost over. Several bloggers shared their memories of waiting for the game with us, with very interesting results. Thank you to everybody who contributed!

This time, we even have one entry in another language. It certainly shows that we are a very international community! I sometimes forget about that fact with all of us here speaking and writing in English – yes, even though I am not a native speaker myself, I still forget that others aren’t either! Anyway, if you know Turkish, do not miss the last link in our list!

Feel free to check out the entries below and leave comments on the authors’ entries if you liked what they had to share with us.


Genesis, Exodus, and the fish one – by icbat

“Originally I played Guild Wars with my friend Cross. We’d grown up together, spending nearly every spare moment with one another. Our departure from the world of Tyria was a sign of things to come, but I still hope that Guild Wars 2 will find me far from alone. I grew up playing. Everything was a game to me, and I strive to keep that the case.

With games and Cross, I found a comrade. I had the N64, he had the PS2 and Dreamcast, between us we had the world. We played soccer 5+ days a week, year-round together. We played obscure games, we played mainsream games. It was with my friend that I found love in Harvest Moon, that we saved the world countless times, and destroyed it with reckless abandon…”

Five Long Years of Waiting for Guild Wars 2 – by Carvious

“Five years. That’s about as long as my relationship with my then-girlfriend-now-wife before I proposed to her. Is that long? Well that depends on the context doesn’t it? When it comes to waiting for a video game to release, it IS bloody long! And it is about time.

I found out about the Blog Carnival being held by GuildMag where you submit your blog entry to them about your memories from 5 years of waiting for Guild Wars 2. When I read the statement “Maybe Guild Wars 2 was the reason you even started blogging

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