Blog Carnival Event – Bring the popcorn!

GuildMag is excited to announce our first ever hosted Guild Wars Blog Carnival! We’re looking for writers of all levels of experience and style to join in on this community-wide writing event. Check out after the jump for more info on blog carnivals.

Guildwars 2 Carnival Topic: Professions Then and Now

We’re over halfway through our profession reveals and although ArenaNet has done a great job keeping the overall feel of each the same, things will still be very different come Guild Wars 2.
Choose one returning profession out of the four we’ve been given so far: Elementalist, Warrior, Ranger, or Necromancer. Take some time to research the new mechanics and ponder the old ones. Write about how you feel about these changes: are you excited or disappointed? Do you like the direction they’re going? What’s your favorite new function? What would you do differently or add? What will you miss most about the old version of the profession?
Alternatively, do a reaction to the Guardian in comparison to the monk (or other professions) and ponder the same things.

•Deadline: Weds, Feb 16 2011
•Carnival Date: Mon, Feb 21 2011

Send an E-mail with a link to your article and GuildMag will do the rest!
Read more for information on Blog Carnivals.
Good luck everybody!

Blog Carnival F.A.Q

Sounds neat! But, uh…what’s a blog carnival?
Essentially, it’s a form of writing challenge that puts out a call-to-arms on a topic. The carnival host, in this case, GuildMag, will choose a subject and spread the word across the community and offer a means to submit articles. On the carnival day, we’ll post a master list of all the articles that were sent in for everyone to read in one organized, easy to navigate spot.
In some carnivals, the host will directly invite guest writers of honor, but we won’t be doing that for the first shot.

I get it! So, what’s the point?
Since the start of the information storm on Guild Wars 2, there have been countless sites and blogs that have popped up around in response. It’s the most active and largest that the Guild Wars community has ever become, and there are a lot of funny, talented, and witty writers that have popped up. Some of them we’re all familiar with, and others are a little obscure.
The point of a Blog Carnival is to gather all this talent into one place and promote everyone equally. This way readers can find new writers they may have not known, and writers can be inspired and network with one another.
One of the things that has kept the spirit of Guild Wars alive is the dedicated fanbase: we constantly hype, recharge, and inspire each other to continue to love and look forward to this franchise.

How utopian of you. How do I get involved?
Easy. First off, if you haven’t already, start up a blog somewhere. There are tons of great free hosts like WordPress, Blogger, and Live Journal. Once you get yourself set up, write an article on the topic and submit your link by the deadline. The rest is up to us! Just include an alias that we can refer to you by. (You can also submit a previously written article as long as it’s on the same given topic).
Alternatively, GuildMag is offering to host the articles in our new Visions section. Just head over to the forums and post your article (5-6 paragraphs max) in the Blog Carnival topic.

Can anybody do this, seriously?
Yes, anybody can join in, whether you’ve been writing for years or haven’t even started yet. We’re looking for as many people as possible to join in on the fun. Like I said, this is about community, not popularity. This is a great opportunity for those who’ve always wanted to try but haven’t had a chance yet, or someone with some severe writers block.

If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to e-mail me, comment, or start a topic on our public forums! Looking forward to it!

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