Blood and Bandits

To the people of Tyria,

I took a man’s life today. I do not relish the words, though it was not the first time I have had to rob someone of their life in defense of my own. I have traveled Tyria for many years, and when one travels to areas of danger and ill repute, one must be prepared to do what one must to survive.

It began when a scouting party reported that they had found a large population of outlaws, most likely the remnants of the gang that used to occupy nearby Fort Vandal, encamped in a skritt scratch to the north. Though we have yet to encounter any skritt in the Silverwastes, Priory scholars inform me that the skritt are plentiful in the Dry Top region to the south, and that they likely occupy regions all over the Maguuma Wastes and jungle.

Rather than potentially losing valuable soldiers attempting to capture the outlaws, Trahearne opted to take the diplomatic route. A small delegation was to approach the large cavern where the bandits secreted themselves under a white flag and parley with them. I volunteered to accompany them to record the proceedings and, to my astonishment, my request was approved. However, things did not go at all according to plan.

The moment we called out to the bandits from outside the scratch, they panicked and attacked, believing us to be Seraph come to wipe them out. The peace delegation was unarmed, but there were Pact soldiers standing by in case the proceedings did not go as intended. Nevertheless, four of the six delegation members were shot and killed. The Pact soldiers came to our aid, driving the bandits back into the scratch. I was swept up in the commotion, and before I knew it, I was inside the scratch, a pitched battle being waged around me. I was accosted almost immediately by a pair of axe wielding outlaws, and in my desperation grabbed the first weapon I saw: an abandoned rifle on the ground, less than a foot away. Before the bandits could come within striking distance of me, I felled one of them with a shot to the chest, while the other was dispatched by a wild looking charr from behind. Now all I can think about is what might have happened if that charr hadn’t been there. I have killed, but I am no great fighter. I am merely an observer, though I suppose I do bring these types of situations on myself. Perhaps I should invest some of my time in learning the ways of war while I am here.

In any event, the outlaws have been dealt with. The battle was short, and they soon surrendered. The remaining outlaws are now in the custody of a small detachment of Seraph who have been residing in Camp Resolve with the Pact. All in all, it is important to appreciate the danger these soldiers are exposing themselves to in order to protect us, the people of Tyria.

With all due respect,

Ellis Knox

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