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Bringing the RPG to MMORPGs

Today ArenaNet had a short but content-heavy live stream developer interview with Colin Johanson and Eric Flannum. They both took the time to talk about endgame and what it means for Guild Wars 2. Check out the recording of the interview at ArenaNet’s channel and read some of the highlights below!

  • There are no renown hearts for Orr, meta-events only. Reason for this is that there are not many friendly NPC’s around Orr.
  • Legendary Weapons take a large amount of effort and require a lot of components from different parts of the game.They aren’t more powerful, but they are really beautifully crafted. You’ll look really cool. Extreme prestige gear.
  • They’ll have a really big live-team and really want people to say that Guild Wars 2 has the best support for an MMORPG, ever.
  • Seasonal festivities will return. Festivals like Halloween and Wintersday will return but will be reviewed to better fit the bigger racial diversity among players as they are now very human centered.
  • Mad King Thorn will be back this October! Voice included. Beware.
  • Orr specifically will feature Dynamic Event ‘webs’ which cause branches to start after one previous branch ended. It will have more results when an event fails or succeeds.

Source: ArenaNet Channel

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