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BWE2 will not be this weekend

I’m as disappointed as I’m sure you are to read this update on the official Guild Wars 2 Facebook page:

Many of you have been asking about when we will have our second Beta Weekend Event. As we are approaching a long weekend in many parts of the world, we understand that some of you want to make plans for that. To help you with that we can confirm that we will NOT be running BWE2 this coming weekend.

The ArenaNet community managers had been trailing hints since the middle of last week (as I mentioned in the last This week in Guild Wars 2 round-up. They’d let us know that the monthly schedule was just an estimate, and that we should not depend on the same week each month.

Note that this doesn’t mean the following weekend will be BWE2, either. They will let us know once they’re certain that the servers in the datacentre will be able to handle the load.

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