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Carnival Entry: Your Most Cherished Guild Wars 2 Experience So Far

Article compiled by Valiant from the amazing responses of the Guild Wars 2 subreddit, for our fifth blog carnival.

In promoting our blog carnival, we wanted to open it up to as many people as possible – not everyone wants to write a blog post on their time in-game, afterall. And so we set our eyes on the Guild Wars 2 subreddit, and posed the question “What’s your most cherished Guild Wars 2 experience so far?“.

The response we received was amazing, and we’ve included some of our favourite examples below. Enjoy!


Completing Mad King’s Clock Tower …on my charr…


Completed Mad King’s Clock Tower…as an asura surrounded by giant charr…


The first time I ever fought the Shatterer

The event just happened to pop while I was leveling near the area, like literally right near the Lowland Burns WP. I was actually running to unlock that one for that zone’s completion. I was of level for the area, not yet 80, as this was still not long after launch and certainly before these events were farmed. Myself and 3 other people saw him land and it was epic as f***. We all ran in to fight him and were soon joined by 2 more people. As we were fighting more and more people were running in from various parts of the zone and by the time he was defeated there was only a total of about 13 of us. The fight took forever with so few of us, but it was as epic as it was meant to be and it was one of my all time favorite moments in the game.


It’s about the invasions. I joined 10 minutes too late and the new overflow didn’t had the invasion, so I tried my luck guesting, because I needed fireheart rises to complete the meta achievement. I picked a very low populated server and it was around midnight. 10 minutes in and they were still trying to do the first wave. My first thought (shame on me) was just, meh, they are never going to finish it in time, might as well just gather something for the daily and wait around, because running around in large groups, hopping from one event to the next, was getting too stressful for me, but then I just had to help out.

I discovered that there was only a small zerg, about a dozen players rallying around one commander, asking her/him where they should go next, but I mostly roamed free, trying to close portals with maybe one or two other players, sometimes alone. And I thought to myself, this is how invasions are supposed to feel. Terrifying and desperate. I on the other hand was coming from a richly populated server, used to winning with ease, a pampered human guardian. I ran to a portal, I was alone, but I tried anyway, because nobody else was gonna close it. I took two veterans and several smaller adds on, I was overwhelmed with a swarm of twisted creatures, I fled, hearing Scarlets laughter ringing over the map, that yes, I should better run for my life. No, I turned around, tried again, got downed, but was reliefed to see another player coming to my aid. A small asuran thief, she/he used a Shadow refuge, healed me just in time and that was that. We closed the portal and ran to the next one, still the first wave. The next event was behind a hill, but we could already see the big portal looming over it. Never mind all the fireheart rises enemies that wanted to kill us on our way. Behind the hill was one single twisted champion. I only had experience with these champions in a large zerg, hacking away at them and killing them very fast, never in any real danger. I had no idea about their real abilities and we were only two players. Anyway.. the asura was crazy enough to not even hestitate and just attack it. I couldn’t run away, she/he had helped me earlier, too, so I just went with it and started attacking. I used my scepter and focus with my guardian, run around in circles, dodged the firebreath. Sometimes just in time, sometimes.. not. Man, and the champ could hit. For the first time I really saw the complex animations of the twisted champs, but I had no time enjoying them.

It was a close call, but in the end we took him down! As I was cheering and getting my well earned chest, suddenly another champion came out of the portal, right on top of me and he had no patience for my shenaningans, hit me right away. Only then I noticed the Asura had not joined in the cheers, she/he had grabbed the loot fast and had waited at a distance, ready to strike again. Obviously experienced with facing the odds. Guess being on an underdog server does that to you. We started fighting again. But the champion had not come alone, there were some adds and one veteran, too. I called for help in the map chat. After we had got the champ down to 50% help arrived, two other players. Even with them it took us a while, it required positioning, skills and teamwork. As soon as the champ was down and we had closed the portal, we ran away, scattered. In the chaos I lost sight of my asuran helper, but I met other players, helped out where I could. There was a sturdy norn warrior facing swarms of twisted horrors alone, we fought side by side. He was a little bit faster running to the next portal, I got left behind, downed. He came back, revived me before I died. Then there was an arrogant necromancer, having a pool of undead creatures around her, wreak havoc to everything in her path. I always saw her in the distance, fighting a lone battle.

We managed to get to the second waves, there were cheers in the mapchat and I had the most fun since the new patch started.I didn’t get much loot besides the two champion chests and the one from the second wave reward, but for the first time I knew exactly where and how I’ve gotten those 3 chests and that was much more precious than the actual loot.


I was running around solo in WvW trying to get map completion when I stumble across 2 warriors from a different server traveling together. They attack me but, being a thief, I stealth away and back up. I watched as they take a sentry down. Then I notice another lone player on the other side of the road with the warriors between the two of us. He’s not from their sever, but he’s not from mine either. Some crazy instinct kicks in and without hesitation we each leap into battle with the warriors. I take one target and he takes the other. The surprise of a 3rd party caught them off guard and they couldn’t communicate well enough to take us down, nor could they escape. The fight was over quickly but now I turned to face my new enemy. He looks right back at me. We each take a step backwards.


And then we went our separate ways.


The end of beta events stick out in my mind as some of my most epic gaming experiences. Especially the 2nd one. For anyone that wasn’t there, The Shatterer took over the Plains of Ashford map, dropping branded crystals and minions at random waypoints. If anyone got killed by a branded minion they became branded themselves, and could then kill other humans and make them branded.

I had sought refuge in the Ashford Forum thinking the npcs would help defend me (they didn’t) when I was attacked by 5 wandering branded humans. I didn’t go down without a fight, though, leaving one near death. I was downed, only a sliver of health left, not enough to finish the branded… when someone leaped out of nowhere and finished it off, rallying me. We ran off and joined the main human forces. A majority of the people ended up becoming branded in the end, but I survived thanks to a deus ex machina.


Playing late at night by myself, all my other friends and guildies are sleeping. I stumble across some water elemental thing.

Naturally I kill it. Now a portal pops up. “Oh cool, a portal!” I enter it and get transported to the hidden garden. I had no idea what I was doing and where I was, and the map wouldn’t tell me anything useful, so I just climbed that huge tree. I saw a huge chest, but the girl half way up the tree told me I needed the elements. So then I fell and died, hundreds of times.

But I played until dawn killing elementals, opening portals, and jumping up all these damn jumping puzzles, and finally opened that damn chest, which had nothing for my elementalist, but god damn that was the best experience I’ve had in any game, ever.


Standing on a platform of the Halloween event Mystic Forge jumping “puzzle” as my Gaurdian. Yelling “Retreat” to people as they jumped. Which gives them unexpected swiftness, causing them to fall. An evil thing to do, but so fun.


Figuring out that I dont have to pug all content and expect everyone to run organized DPS builds. Instead I found a guild with a ton of active players that is great with organization and all run specialized DPS builds with dungeon tactics. My most cherished moment was doing my first dungeon with them and being happy that I wont have to deal with pugs ever again if i dont want to.

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