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Catch-up: Anniversary and a Video Contest

Guild Wars 6th Anniversary

The Guild Wars anniversary has come and gone already by the time I’m typing this, but it’s still worth a belated blogpost. Yesterday was the Guild Wars’ 6th anniversary, and it showed. Quite a few new things have been added to the original Guild Wars of which you can find a summary below:

  • Everlasting Tonics for every character that turns 6 years. These include tonics like Kuunuvang and Mad King Thorn, altough slightly smaller than their original forms, Keiran and his beloved Gwen, Koss and Zhed but also Vekk and Livia!
  • Mutual Friend Locator: Ever wanted to know where your friends are? Now you can know without even asking!
  • New hard mode quests, starting with the The Villainy of Galrath
  • High-res player model textures in outposts
  • And an introduction of a new PvP system: The Flux. This will be a monthly effect on the PvP formats that will change monthly to keep the game from growing stale.

Of course there’s also the yearly opening of the boardwalk games, rollerbeetles and the Dragon Arena. You’ll also find extra celebration drop during your travels in Tyria in the form of: Birthday Cupcakes, Sugary Blue Drinks and more.

Guild Wars 2 Video Contest

In other news, Guild Wars 2 has announced its first webbased contest! This first contest challenges you to create a video in which you tell why your friends, family and other people should be playing Guild Wars 2! This can range from just going in front of the camera for all you non-shy people or make a fancy video with existing content that has been legally given out by ArenaNet, yes, this means that you can only use Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 material as a base for your video.

Are you a Guild Wars 2 fan? Do you think all your friends should play Guild Wars 2? Summon all your creative and persuasive powers and make your own one-minute Guild Wars 2 promotional video that explains why you think people should play the game at launch. Keep in mind that all entries must be in English. Two lucky fans will win a Grand Prize trip to ArenaNet’s brand new studio near Seattle, Washington, and spend the day playing Guild Wars 2 with the ArenaNet dev team!


  • Grand Prize (2): A trip to visit ArenaNet’s new studio in Bellevue, Washington. Winners will spend time with the ArenaNet development team and play Guild Wars 2. Includes air transportation and a single room hotel accommodation for up to 3 days for the winner and one guest.
  • First Place (2): One custom Guild Wars 2 Antec P193 chassis. This full tower chassis is the ultimate in quiet, cool computing, with a 200mm side-mounted fan and a KÜHLER H₂O 620 water cooling unit that is easy to install and whisper quiet. Powered by the HCG 750 – the PSU choice of professional gamers – the Antec P193 comes with soundscience rockus with 2.1 speakers for a 3D personal theater experience and bias lighting that reduces eye fatigue and allows you to game in comfort for hours.
  • Second Place (3): One Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 video card with 1GB RAM.
  • Honorable Mention (10): One Art of Guild Wars 2 Book, signed by members of the Guild Wars 2 development team.

For more info, head over to the official Guild Wars 2 newspost to read more about how you can enter the competition. You might also want to check out this video made by ArenaNet which shows you that the only thing you’ll really need, to win the competition, is passion.

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