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Charr Legions

Today marks the last day in a week full of charr and as with every race week so far, that means an awesome new blog entry by Ree Soesbee. In this post we learn a bit more about the hierarchical structure within the charr race, a look at the Imperators of the three charr legions: Smodur the Unflinching of the Iron, Bangar Ruinbringer of the Blood and Malice Swordshadow of the Ash; and last but certainly not least, we’re treated to a nice story of an Ash Legion scout and a Blood Legion warrior.

In the year 1090 of the Mouvelian calendar, King Adelbern, last human ruler of Ascalon, released the Foefire. The human residents of that land succumbed to the terrible magic, only to rise again as ghosts. By 1112, the High Legions of the charr reclaimed the entirety of Ascalon. Only four years later, Kalla Scorchrazor of the Blood Legion came before Forge Ironstrike, the imperator of the Iron Legion, and challenged him to help her free their people from the shamans’ control. Together, Kalla and Forge led a rebellion against the Flame Legion, overthrowing their tyrannical rule. The three legions, Blood, Ash, and Iron, then reassembled a nation from the ruins of the past.

Charr [Chain of command] Ranks

Khan-Ur: The true head of the charr nation (or Primus Imperator)
Imperator: Commander of a legion – Iron, Blood, Ash, Flame, hold supreme authority within their legion’s structure
Tribune: Primary commanders for the Imperator, mostly ten or less
Primus Centurion: Created if multiple Centurions are coordinating within an area, leads an active assault force of 3-5 large companies.
Centurion: Commander of multiple warbands (company’s)
Legionnaire: Commander of one warband, typically a group of 5-15 charr
Soldier: Warband members

Additional Charr Ranks

There are also ranks within the structure of the High Legions that do not contribute to the direct chain of command.

Brevet: Temporary field command
Quaestor: The legion title for quartermaster, mostly an older soldier
Scrapper: A warband on punishment duty
Primus: Adult instructor at a fahrar
Gladium: A charr without a warband, this is the bottommost rank in the charr ranking structure.


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