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Clarifying our Policy on Free Annual Copies

TL;DR Earlier today we received word that contributors in the GW2 Artist Collective were misinformed about our policy for compensating our GuildMag Annual 2018 partners. Our policy has always been to sell our physical magazines at the cost of production and maximise donations to charity, therefore we cannot afford to offer free copies to contributors. Whilst we would truly love to offer free copies to our dedicated in-house team and other content partners, our focus is on raising money for charity and not making a profit.

Unfortunately, today we received word that some contributors in the GW2 Artist Collective have been misinformed about our series of physical magazines known as the GuildMag Annuals. We’d like to set things straight.

We have been producing free digital Guild Wars 2 magazines since 2010; since that time, GuildMag has never sought to make a profit from our readers, which includes our physical GuildMag Annuals. These special-edition magazines are produced once a year to celebrate a particular aspect of Guild Wars 2, raise money for a chosen charity and give readers something physical from GuildMag to own.

This year we’re supporting the charity World Child Cancer for reasons very close to us, with $5 from every pre-order being donated, plus any additional remaining profits once all the magazines have been shipped. The magazine is offered to everyone at what it costs us to physically produce and ship that magazine to your door before Christmas, which doesn’t include any labor, software licensing or website hosting costs. GuildMag itself relies on a team of volunteer members to produce our content, operating often with financial support from myself. Unlike other projects in the community that offer physical collectible items, we do not make a profit on our work.

It is for this reason that we do not offer free copies of any GuildMag Annual to contributors. It’s not that we don’t want to (I’m the first to admit that I’d truly love to), it’s that we simply cannot afford to. We have made the decision to allow our Annuals to be as accessible to as many people as possible by providing the lowest price we possibly can, which is why every year we’ve worked hard to minimise our costs. Long-term supporters will realise that this year is our cheapest Annual to-date, but will also be our highest-quality – something I’m incredibly proud of. And for those who can’t afford to buy a magazine, no problem. We’ll always publish a digital version for free on our website, just like every other magazine we produce throughout the year – we’ll never lock our content behind a paywall.

I’d like to reiterate that the primary goal of the GuildMag Annual 2018 is to raise money for the amazing work of World Child Cancer. The team behind GuildMag works tirelessly to produce a high-quality magazine we can be proud of, and we’re truly grateful for our additional partners who help promote, and in some cases, produce content for, the magazine. If you’re a contributor this year, or are somebody who has pre-ordered a copy, thank you from everyone at GuildMag for choosing to support our vision.

If you’re yet to pre-order a copy of the GuildMag Annual 2018 and would like more information on the project, you can visit

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