Colin Johanson Reveals Upcoming Guild & GvG Update

In an upcoming exclusive GuildMag interview, ever-smiling Colin Johanson spilled the beans on a major part of the upcoming April patch! While details are as scarce as ever, Colin let us know that along with the conclusion of the Flame & Frost series, we’ll be seeing a major overhaul to Guilds and the introduction of Guild versus Guild. Colin gave us a private scoop on how Guild versus Guild will play out in Guild Wars 2.


GuildMag: Anything else which you’d like to let our readers know, Colin?

Colin Johanson: Sure thing! As you know we value player feedback and one of the things we felt was most prevalent in our feedback, is that guilds don’t really have any means to show off to, or compete against, each other and so we’re bringing Guild versus Guild (GvG) to Guild Wars 2! As we’re always looking to innovate, we decided that we wanted to move away from the traditional GvG and build something that nobody else is building, and so we have come up with a range of activities inspired by…. summer camp!

One of the activities will involve a classical battle of the bands tournament. With the success of the Choir Bell item during Wintersday we’ll be introducing full sets of instruments to get that rock band that’s always been part of your guild rockin’. When battling, your act will be judged by four NPCs sat in red chairs and facing the opposite direction. Equiped with the best talent recognition programming (which is why we never play the remixed “Scream&Shout” around them), these guys know their stuff! When they enjoy listening to your performance they’ll slowly turn around and start judging your appearance. The combination of everything will then tally into your total act score which will be added to a ranking list. At the end of each month, the top four highest-scoring guilds will face off in an epic finale, to become the very best, like no one ever was!


Hide & seek

Colin later sent us a follow-up email with even more new details on the new Guild Versus Guild concept. This information has been included down below.

Guild vs Guild Fashion Show: Whip out those kitten heels, it’s catwalk time! Tailors will now be able to produce their own fashion designs for town clothes, with the citizens of Tyria voting for their favourite outfit during the show. And if tailoring isn’t for you, a new item will be added to the Gem Store to help you take the Tyrian fashion world by storm: the Judge Briber 3001.

Hide & Seek: You need to find hidden NPCs throughout Tyria. Starting with one member per team looking for them, every 30 seconds another member of your guild is involuntarily added to the game, who will be automatically kicked from what they’re doing to help with the search – unless you did not manage to find an NPC in that time interval. Then nobody is added. When your guild has found the most NPC’s during the 5 minute countdown, your guild wins the round!

Asura tossing

Guild vs Guild Tug of War: If you like manning siege engines, you’ll love the 5-on-5 Tug of War competition. It’s easy and simple; choose five representatives of your guild to pick up the rope and keep spamming your ‘pull’ skill. We’ve disabled the auto-attack function on this skill, so Guilds with the most resilient keyboards will win this war of attrition!

Asura Tossing: If you’ve ever fantasized about tossing off an asura an asura off Rata Sum, this is for you! Guilds compete to throw the denizens of Rata Sum the furthest. Height, distance, and quality of landing (including splash size) are all considered for scoring. Extra points are awarded for knocking another NPC over the edge with your asura.

ArenaNet is still working on even more exciting GvG ideas, including competitive face painting, interpretive dance, hot-dog eating contests, and three-legged racing. More on these activities will be revealed when they’re ready™.

[toggle title=”Disclaimer”] This was meant as an April Fools and nothing more. We did not intend to critize the lack of GvG we just wanted to present original ideas on how it could be played out. [/toggle]
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