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Colin Johanson talks Dynamic Events on GW2Hub

The folks over at Guild Wars 2 Hub have posted up a big post in which Colin Johanson gives a lengthy answer on a question about the fan reactions to dynamic events and how the current system got developed over a larger period of time. In the post, which looks much more like a typical ArenaNet blog entry, Colin talks about comparisons with Warhammer and Rift, how some people tend to leave dynamic events after they think it’s completed while in fact it is not, and much more.

After events, there can be a dialogue between NPCs that leads into new events and event chains, they can turn into merchants selling rare loot, or alter the world geometry and props based on the outcome of the event. NPCs will dig up treasure chests you can loot, or find environmental weapons you can use. The creatures that spawn in an area can drastically change due to the outcome of events, or sometimes they’ll just do silly fun things, like train a moa dance team that performs for you.

Source: Guild Wars 2 Hub

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