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The Command Tag and You – Gamescom 2014

German colleague fansite reported earlier today that the upcoming September Feature Pack will see the arrival of multiple commander tag colors. This information was obtained by a press demo given during the gamescom 2014 event. While we were watching said demo ourselves, we asked Matt Wuerffel and Elisabeth Cardy what this would mean for the current commander tag and they gave the following information:

“Yes, so each color is purchased individually, and it is important to note that there is no hierarchy for colors so that you have to purchase blue and then have to go to red or yellow or whatever. It is also important to point out that if you already bought a commander tag, it will become account bound so that when you’ve bought a blue commander tag you’ll never have to spend money on that again. So if you bought blue already you can go ahead and buy other colors if you want. If you’ve bought more than three you can contact costumer support and get a refund.”

More news from gamescom 2014, including an interview and an overview of the whole demonstration, will follow later this week.

EDIT: As of August 20th, a single commander compendium, purchased at the price of 300 gold, now unlocks all four colors at once rather than on each color per 300 gold.

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